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A Climate For Life: Meeting the Global Challenge

Art / Photobooks
RA Mittermeier, M Totten, LL Pennypacker, F Boltz and CG Mittermeier
359 pages, Col photos, illus
Hardback | Jan 2008 | #181447 | ISBN-13: 9780981832104
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With the combined knowledge of more than 30 scientists and some of the most stunning climate images every captured, A Climate for Life: Meeting the Global Challenge, is one of the most comprehensive volumes on climate change ever published.

The book features more than 175 images from world famous photographers including Frans Lanting, James Balog, and Joel Sartore, as well as expansive and accessible science on climate change and how the world can transform an unprecedented environmental challenge into opportunity for the future.

A Climate for Life draws connections between seemingly unrelated events involving climate change to demonstrate the concerted and momentous effort required to combat it. The book explores how rising temperatures on land and in the oceans around the globe affect nature, and therefore all living things, including people.

"The science on climate change is clear and the threat is urgent. We must use this crisis as an opportunity to revolutionize economies, create jobs, and protect critical ecosystems that can stabilize our climate right now," says Russell A. Mittermeier, lead author and president of Conservation International. "The emerging perception of climate change is fragmented at best, and this book demonstrates plainly the strong linkages between our modern society, the natural world, and climate change. There is hope for the future, but only if we act now."

To bolster the blueprint for success offered by the book, A Climate for Life features stunning images provided by the International League of Conservation Photographers. The photos are coupled with moving eyewitness accounts of climate change by the photographers themselves.

International League of Conservation Photographers Cristina Mittermeier talks about the Kayapo tribe of Brazil and how they are desperately fighting to protect their corner of the planet against encroaching logging that makes Brazil the world's fourth largest emitter of carbon dioxide. Photographer James Balog shares how he witnessed climate change in the form of melting glaciers.

A Climate for Life will soon be an indispensible part of our shared understanding of climate change. Above all, it is a clear roadmap on how to revolutionize global economies and spark innovation through a concerted effort to tackle all the aspects of climate change.

The book's foreword by actor-environmentalist Harrison Ford and Harvard biologist and eminent author E.O. Wilson presents the case for hope in the face of challenge:

"The good news is that this nest of problems is soluble. The science is growing ever stronger. The technology exists or is at least imaginable and in practical terms. The economic benefits of a global turnaround are potentially enormous. What is needed now is the popular will to undertake what will be one of the great turnabouts of history."

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