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Aldrovanda: The Waterwheel Plant

Adam Cross (Author)
249 pages, 80 colour photos
Hardback | unsigned | Jul 2012 | #196365 | ISBN-13: 9781908787040
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Hardback | signed | Jul 2012 | #203758 | ISBN-13: 9781908787040
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The first comprehensive monograph of Aldrovanda, the rare and extraordinary carnivorous "Waterwheel Plant". This incredible carnivore, known for trapping aquatic prey between jaw-like lobes that dramatically snap shut when triggered, is related to the famous Venus Flytrap and employs one of the fastest movement responses known in the plant kingdom. Not only arthropods are caught in its deadly jaws, but even small vertebrates including tadpoles and fish fry.

Representing over four years of study and research, this long-awaited work presents a pioneering and uniquely detailed treatment of all aspects of the botanical history, ecology, evolutionary history, distribution and cultivation of this novel plant. The text also addresses the pressing need for integrated conservation and management initiatives.

Among the many highlights of Aldrovanda: The Waterwheel Plant are:

- Spectacular imagery of Aldrovanda, including scanning electron microscopy, histological sections, and many previously unpublished photos of the plant throughout its worldwide habitat
- The formal description of a new infraspecific taxon of Aldrovanda
- The most definitive guide to cultivating this unique species ever published
- The inclusion of new and previously unpublished data relating to key aspects of the plant's reproduction, dispersal and ecology

Signed copies bear the signature of Adam Cross.

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