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AM4113T5 Dino-Lite Pro (x500) USB Digital Microscope

With x500 fixed magnification
Series: Dino-Lite
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NHBS Price: £358.99 inc VAT | $598/€448 approx.
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The AM4113T5X Dino-Lite Pro (x500) USB Digital Microscope was designed for professional users who demand high magnification (x500, fixed), sharp picture quality as well as access to comprehensive measurement functions. The 1.3M pixel image sensor provides clear, high resolution, images and the thumbwheel focus control allows for approximately 3mm of working distance adjustment. The "MicroTouch" function allows a snapshot to be taken by lightly touching the sensor area and results in less "camera shake" than a conventional push button. The 8 built-in white light LED's with software on/off control allow for good subject illumination.

The AM4113T5X uses the H11 housing which is the second generation housing for the Dino-Lite that incorporates: improved magnification dial movement for smooth and easy adjustment and focusing, a scroll lock feature for assuring desired set magnification/focus, and a cable strain relief (SR) that holds the Dino-Lite and its USB Cable together for greater resistance from pulls and twists.

The supplied DinoCapture software for Windows (DinoXcope for MAC O/S 10.4 and above) enables the user to capture still images, real-time video and time-lapsed video streams quickly and easily. Once a still image has been captured text and graphics can easily be added using the built in picture editing tools after which the image can be saved in a selection of resolutions, shared and emailed from within the DinoCapture user interface.

When used with the AM4113T5X the DinoCapture software measurement features are enabled allowing measurements such as length, angle and circle circumference can be taken and added to the image as text and graphics for future reference. The AM4113T5X also enables access to the calibration function. This feature allows the magnification value to be calibrated against a known measurement and increases the accuracy of the measurements taken.

Dino-Lite USB microscopes can also be used as video devices by applications such as MSN Messenger and Skype. This feature enables a group of remote users to view the microscope output and provides for effective online discussion of the object under inspection.

Features include:
* 1.3M pixel (1280 x 1024) resolution
* 1/3" image sensor
* Fixed x500 magnification with fine focus control
* Built-in 8 white-light LED illumination (software switchable)
* MicroTouch snapshot
* Up to 30fps frame rate (15fps at 1.3M)
* High speed USB2.0 interface
* DinoCapture software + measurement functionality + calibration option.
* Supports Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP and Mac O/S 10.4 and above

* AM4113T5X Dino-Lite Pro x500 USB Microscope
* Application CD (DinoCapture software, drivers and user manual)
* Cradle stand
* Storage pouch


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Features & Technical Specifications:
* Resolution: 1.3 M pixels (1280 x 1024)
* Fixed x500 magnification with fine focus control
* Illumination: Built-in 8 white-light LED illumination (software switchable)
* Video frame rate: up to 30 fps
* Other: MicroTouch snapshot
* Interface: USB 2.0 (cable length approx. 180 cm)
* Software: DinoCapture with support for measurement functions, calibration option and additional digital zoom.
* O/S support: Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP and Mac O/S 10.4 and above
* Dimensions: 9.4 cm (H) x 3.2 cm (D)
* Weight: 95 g

System Requirements:
* CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.5 GHz or faster
* O/S: Windows 7, Vista, XP or MAC O/S 10.4 or above
* RAM: at least 256 MB (more recommended)
* Disk: at least 150 MB of available disk space
* VGA card: 16-bit or above
* USB: 1 available port (USB 2.0 recommended)
* CD-ROM drive


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