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An Atlas of Wader Populations in Africa and Western Eurasia

Distribution Atlas
Simon Delany, Tim Dodman, David Stroud and Derek Scott
524 pages, Colour photographs, maps, tabs
Hardback | Mar 2009 | #179232 | ISBN-13: 9789058820471
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This milestone publication is a compilation of current knowledge of the numbers, distribution and movements of one of the most remarkable groups of birds in the region covered by the African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbird Agreement (AEWA). Long-term waterbird count data have been combined with an extensive literature review, especially published results of bird ringing and national bird atlases, to produce maps showing the population boundaries that are used as a basis of the conservation of these species.

The maps are supported by informative species accounts that highlight the movements, population status and conservation of waders in the AEWA region. Many wader species depend for their survival on networks of key sites for breeding, for moulting, and for building reserves of fat and protein to fuel their incredible migrations. Identified key sites are also shown on the maps, and listed in detailed and informative tables.

The information presented in this Atlas will be of use and interest to anyone involved in the conservation or study of wetlands and waterbirds. In particular, it will provide parties to international treaties such as the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and AEWA (under the Convention on Migratory Species) with a basis for the conservation of waders and the sites and habitats necessary for their survival. It will also be useful for other nature conservation practitioners such as nature reserve wardens, and of interest to birdwatchers and those who spend time in the places graced by these wonderful birds.

Have you ever watched one of our passage waders - either a rarity or say a Green Sandpiper or a Curlew Sandpiper - and wondered, where has it come from and where is it going? Well, this impressive, glossy, A4-sized volume is an attractive authoritative status that answers those questions clearly and in unprecedented detail.

"This book is a must for wader enthusiasts, despite its rather inflated price. All that is missing are equally good accompanying volumes to eastern Asia/Australasia and the Americas ..." - Steve Gantlett, Birding World - August 2009

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