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Animal Behaviour: An Evolutionary Approach

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John Alcock
606 pages, Col photos, col illus, figs, tabs
Paperback | Apr 2009 | Edition: 9 | #179347 | ISBN-13: 9780878932252
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Hardback | Aug 2001 | Edition: 7 | #121650 | ISBN: 0878930116
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Hardback | Nov 1997 | Edition: 6 | #71694 | ISBN: 0878930094
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Hardback | Dec 1993 | Edition: 5 | #26802 | ISBN: 0878930175
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Hardback | Dec 1989 | Edition: 4 | #5505 | ISBN: 0878930205
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Paperback | Dec 1989 | Edition: 4 | #5506 | ISBN: 087893023X
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Please note, the 10th edition is available.

This new edition of Animal Behavior has once again been thoroughly rewritten with coverage of much recent work in animal behavior, while retaining the many successful features of previous editions. The writing style is clear and engaging; the book is well illustrated with many new photographs; and the discussion questions are embedded in the text to encourage the development of problem-solving skills of students.

This now-classic text continues to offer a balanced treatment of the underlying mechanisms and evolutionary bases of behavior with a focus on the importance of evolutionary theory for the unification of the different behavioral disciplines.

1. An Evolutionary Approach to Animal Behavior
2. Understanding the Proximate and Ultimate Causes of Bird Song
3. The Development of Behavior
4. The Control of Behavior: Neural Mechanisms
5. The Organization of Behavior: Neurons and Hormones
6. Behavioral Adaptations for Survival
7. The Evolution of Feeding Behavior
8. Choosing Where to Live
9. The Evolution of Communication
10. The Evolution of Reproductive Behavior
11. The Evolution of Mating Systems
12. The Evolution of Parental Care
13. The Evolution of Social Behavior
14. The Evolution of Human Behavior

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JOHN ALCOCK is a Regents' Professor of Zoology at Arizona State University, USA. He received his Ph.D. from Harvard University, USA under the direction of Ernst Mayr. His research deals with the behavioural ecology of insect mating systems, with projects that have taken him from Arizona to Costa Rica and Australia. He co-authored The Evolution of Insect Mating Systems (1983) with Randy Thornhill and has also written six other books on animal behaviour and natural history for general audiences. One of these, In a Desert Garden, received the Burroughs' Award for natural history writing in 1998; another book, The Triumph of Sociobiology, was published in 2001. Dr. Alcock also received the Dean's Quality Teaching Award the first year it was given at Arizona State University, USA.

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