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Atlas of Central European Trichoptera Larvae / Atlas der Mitteleuropäischen Köcherfliegenlarven

Floras / Faunas
Identification Key
Johann Waringer and Wolfram Graf
468 pages, 600+ colour photos
Hardback | Dec 2011 | #196559 | ISBN-13: 9783000321771
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Language: Bilingual in English and German

This is a greatly expanded update of the successful predecessor Atlas of Austrian Caddisfly Larvae. Atlas of Central European Trichoptera Larvae follows an innovative concept by supplementing the proven dichotomous key with a completely new synoptic key. The synoptic design arranges similar species within one page, thereby supporting identification by the simultaneous use of several morphological details. The geographical framework has been greatly expanded by including all caddis thus far (2011) described in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Due to the rich structure of the Central European species inventory and the text layout in both German and English this atlas will be useful also far beyond the immediate geographical target area defined above.

Introductory chapters deal with life cycles, larval morphology, case construction, collecting and preservation. Additional sections deal with biology, ecology, habitats and an extensive index including flight periods and head capsule widths of last instar larvae. A bibliography, new tables on geographical distribution based on ecoregions, saprobic indices, functional feeding types, and zonal distribution patterns earmark the new atlas as an important reference work.

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