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Bacillus Thuringiensis: Biology, Ecology and Safety

T R Glare and M O'Callaghan
350 pages, Tabs
Hardback | Jul 2000 | #113284 | ISBN: 0471496308
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The bacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis (B.t), is used worldwide as an effective biological control agent for many species of insect pest, either by crop spraying or genetic engineering of crop plants. It is a topical subject of interest to a wide range of disciplines as questions have recently been raised due to health concerns over inhalation of the bacterial spores, and fears of gene-swapping. This text provides a definitive source of information on the environmental, non-target and human safety of these products.

The book can be recommended as a comprehensive and valuable source of information (Journal of Plant Physiology, Vol 158/7, 2001) "This is a useful complement to the Bacillus thuringiensis literature that will find application in both teaching and research." (Microbiology Today, February 2002) "I recognise and salute the Herculean effort that was involved in producing a review of this scope and magnitude" (Biocontrol Science & Technology, No. 12 2002)

Characterisation. Natural Occurrence and Role in the Environment. Production and Formulation. Toxicity to Insects. Effects on Non-target Microbes and Invertebrates. Effects on Vertebrates. Persistence and Activity in the Environment. Insect and Environmental Factors Affecting Toxicity. Transmission and Dispersal. Effects in Combination with Other Insecticidal Agents. Gene Transfer. Transgenic Use of Bt Toxin Genes. Resistance. Conclusions: Safety and Risks. References. Appendices. Index.

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