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Bat Access Tile Set

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NHBS Price: £49.99 inc VAT | $83/€63 approx.
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Availability: Usually dispatched within 3 days Details
NHBS Price: £49.99 inc VAT | $83/€63 approx.
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Availability: Usually dispatched within 3 days Details
NHBS Price: £49.99 inc VAT | $83/€63 approx.
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Availability: Usually dispatched within 3 days Details
NHBS Price: £49.99 inc VAT | $83/€63 approx.
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Availability: Usually dispatched within 3 days Details
NHBS Price: £49.99 inc VAT | $83/€63 approx.
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Availability: In stock
NHBS Price: £49.99 inc VAT | $83/€63 approx.
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There will be an additional shipping charge of £25 for Bat Access Tiles in addition to the normal shipping charges.  This is to cover pallet shipping to minimise the risk of breakages.

The Bat Access Tile set provides purpose made access points within your roof tiles or ridge tiles. Available in five traditional roof tile colours, or in Natural Clay (without sand face), the Bat Access Tile Set presents a bat optimized entrance to the under-felt, or to the loft when the under-felt is opened. Each set comprises three roof tiles. The top `tunnel' tile offers the bat an 18mm high x 165mm long (approx.) tunnel to an entrance hole in the undertiles. This allows the bat to crawl into the roost area. The two tiles beneath the `tunnel' tile have small cutaway sections to facilitate access for the bat. An advantage of the tiles large double camber is that it provides the maximum amount of natural air flow under the tiles. The carefully designed access, along with this air flow between the tiles and the under-felt, aims to provide conditions where the bats are protected from any extremes of heat.

Different species of bats prefer differing places to roost. The two most usually found species in the UK are Pipistrelle and Brown Long-Eared. Pipistrelle bats prefer confined spaces such as under tiles on the roof and hanging. The Brown Long-Eared prefer roof timbers and ridges inside lofts.

The bat access tile set includes three tiles available in five traditional roof tile colours, as well as Natural Clay; Red Antique, Dark Antique, Medium Antique, Sussex Red and Sussex Brown. See the Images tab for illustrations and the Specifications tab for more information.

Notes on Legislation
The Bat Access Set can form part of a mitigation package required by law for existing roosts or as potential access where a roost had not previously been present.

All UK bats and their roosts are protected by law. The Wildlife & Countryside Act introduced in 1981, gave legal protection to all bat species and their roosts in England. The Conservation (Natural Habitats, etc.) Regulations 1994 as amended (most recently in 2007 and 2009 and better known as the Habitats Regulations), further strengthened this legal protection. Bat-related offences are arrestable. The potential fine for each offence is £5,000 per bat. An offender can also be imprisoned for six months. If any property has been, or is suspected to have been, home to any number of bats, at any time, legislation requires taking advice and precautions when working on the roof. Legislation also requires provision to allow access for bats if they return.

Each tile is a standard 10 x 6 inch (255 x 160mm) roof tile size. However, this size should be treated as nominal as all tiles are handmade. Each tile has nail holes, but not nibs to allow roofers a degree of adjustment to best match the surrounding tiles on the roof.

Please note that each tile is handmade using traditional techniques by manufacturers with many years of experience. See the specifications tab for more information on the tiles. If the tile set you require is not in stock, delivery may take 2 to 3 weeks - please contact us for availability and a delivery estimate if you are in need of quick dispatch.


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Bat Access Set includes 3 tiles (1 x `tunnel' and 2 x cutaway tiles for underneath tunnel)

Tile Dimensions: 255 x 160mm (10 x 6 inches)
Dimensions are approximate to avoid straight lines on roof and because each tile is handmade.

* Material: hand-crafted traditional clay roof tiles
* Lap (minimum): 65mm
* Gauge (maximum): 95mm
* Roof Pitch
* Recommended minimum: -35 degrees (BS5534:2003 Recommended minimum: -40 degrees)
* Covering capacity: 66 tiles/metre square
* Laid weight: 71kg/metre square
* Transverse strength: 780 newtons
* Water absorption: 6.3% nominal
* Freeze/thaw 100 cycles test: all tiles without suffering damage

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