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Coastal Marine Zooplankton: A Practical Manual for Students

Field / Identification Guide
Handbook / Manual
CD Todd, MS Laverack and G Boxshall
106 pages, 217 b/w photos
Paperback | Dec 1996 | Edition: 2 | #10234 | ISBN: 0521555337
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A photographic guide to representative forms of major groups of this diverse and fascinating assemblage of animals, from medusae and comb jellies to larval fish and squid. The illustrations are of live and active organisms, and the text gives details of taxonomy, morphology, development and behaviour.

'The book can be recommended for use as a field and laboratory guide for students studying coastal zooplankton at the undergraduate level. At the very reasonable price of GBP15.95 ! others with an interest in coastal zooplankton may also wish to add this book to their reference collection for the sheer diversity of the fauna portrayed in the photographs.' Jocelyn Richard, Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology

Frontispiece; Introduction; Identification, taxonomy and suggested source material; Phylum Sarcomastigophora (Protozoa); Phylum Cnidaria; Phylum Ctenophora; Phylum Nemertea; Phylum Annelida; Phylum Arthropoda; Phylum Chaetognatha; Phylum Bryozoa; Phylum Phoronida; Phylum Mollusca; Phylum Echinodermata; Phylum Hemichordata; Phylum Urochordata; Phylum Chordata; Index.

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