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Flora of Great Britain and Ireland, Volume 5: Butomaceae - Orchidaceae

Floras / Faunas
Identification Key
Peter Sell and Gina Murrell
410 pages, Line illus
Hardback | Apr 1997 | #50849 | ISBN: 0521553393
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Planned in five volumes, this new, critical Flora provides a definitive account of the native species, naturalised species, frequent garden escapes and casuals found in the British Isles. Full keys and descriptions should enable the user to name all plants occurring in the wild, plus some ornamental trees and shrubs. For the first time detailed accounts of all the large apomictic genera are given and many infraspecific variants included. Each species entry begins with the accepted latin name, synonyms and the common English name. A detailed description follows, with separate descriptions being given for infraspecific taxa. Information on status, ecology and distribution is also included. Clear black and white line drawings illustrate an extensive glossary and also illuminate the diagnostic features of a number of groups of plants.

'Sell and Murrell provide a solid reference book of straight taxonomy.' Plant Talk '! the authors have made an excellent beginning in an impressive undertaking. The intent of the authors was to create a new generation taxonomic treatment that could serve as a single reference work, supplying basic information of British vascular plants to a broad and varied cadre of scientists from environmentalists to molecular biologists and biochemists. The authors of Flora of Great Britain and Ireland have with their first volume succeeded in making good progress in this direction.' Alice le Duc, HortScience ' ! they are a fitting culmination of the progress in the study of British [lants and vegetation during this century'. P. Lusby, Edinburgh Journal of Botany 'Flora of Great Britain and Ireland will prove to be of great use for professional and amateur botanists, conservationists, gardeners, specialists in agriculture and other people interested in nature.' Jiri Danihelka, Flora Giobotanica 'The scope and content of this first volume are a mouthwatering fortaste of what is to follow - accurate, detailed and all-embracing accounts of each species. I look forward to the publication of the remaining volumes and the completion of a mammoth and worthwhile project.' Paul Hackney, Irish Naturalists' Journal

Foreword S. M. Walters; Preface; Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. Conspectus of families; 2. Text; 3. Artificial key to families; 4. Butomaceae; 5. Alismataceae; 6. Hydrocharitaceae; 7. Scheuchzeriaceae; 8. Juncaginaceae; 9. Potamogetonaceae; 10. Ruppiaceae; 11. Najadaceae; 12. Zanichelliaceae; 13. Zosteraceae; 14. Arecaceae; 15. Araceae; 16. Lemnaceae; 17. Commelinaceae; 18. Eriocaulaceae; 19. Juncaceae; 20. Cyperaceae; 21. Poaceae; 22. Sparganiaceae; 23. Typhaceae; 24. Bromeliaceae; 25. Pontederiaceae; 26. Iridaceae; 27. Liliaceae; 28. Agavaceae; 29. Dioscoreaceae; 30. Orchidaceae; Glossary; Abbreviations; Index.

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