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Forests and Dragonflies: 4th WDA Symposium of Odonatology, Pontevedra (Spain), July 2005

Edited By: AC Rivera
300 pages, graphs, tables and color photos
Hardback | Dec 2006 | #162284
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Language: English

Collection of 14 papers on the importance of forests for dragonflies in different countries and on conservation and behavioral issues.

Cordero Rivera, A.: Introduction Corbet, P.S.: Forests as habitats for dragonflies (Odonata) Graca, M.: Allochthonous organic matter as a food resource for aquatic invertebrates in forested streams. The importance of forests for dragonflies in different continents Orr, A.G.: Odonata in Bornean tropical rain forest formations: diversity, endemicity and implications for conservation management Paulson, D.: The importance of forests to neotropical dragonflies Fincke, O.M.: Use of forest and tree species, and dispersal by giant damselflies (Pseudostigmatiae): future prospects in fragmented forests Dijstra, K.-D. & Claustnitzer, V.: Thoughts from Africa: how can forest influence species composition, diversity and speciation in tropical Odonata? Sahlen, G.: Specialists vs. generalists among dragonflies the importance of forest environments in the formation of diverse species pools Tsubaki, Y. & N. Tsuji: Dragonfly habitat maps based on landcover and habitat relation models. Conservation and behavioral issues Samways, M.: Threat levels to odonate assemblages from invasive alien tree canopies Taylor, Ph.: Movement behaviours of a forest odonate in two heterogeneous landscapes Thompson, D.J. & Watts, Ph.C.: The structure of the Coenagrion mercuriale populations in the New Forest, southern England Watanabe, M.: Mate location and competition for mates in relation to sunflecks of forest floors Cordoba-Aguilar, A. & Contreras-Garduno, J.: Differences in immune ability in forest habitats of varying quality: dragonflies as study models Hadrys, H. The present role and future promise of conservation genetics for forest Odonates

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