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Fungi Europaei, Volume 9, Amaniteae [French]: Amanita, Limacella & Torrendia

Floras / Faunas
P Neville (Author), S Poumarat (Author), E Rebaudengo (Illustrator)
1120 pages, 113 colour plates, 202 colour photos, 128 b/w line drawings
Hardback | Dec 2004 | #156571 | ISBN: 8890105739
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Language: French

Fungi Europaei, Volume 9, Amaniteae deals with the European taxa of the tribe Amaniteae R. Mre, a member of the family Pluteaceae Kotlaba & Pouzar that includes the genera Torrendia Bres., Limacella Earle and Amanita Pers. After the generalities, the various characters taken into account in the study of these fungi are presented, these are followed by a critical survey of the names of the infrageneric and supraspecific taxa that have been proposed in the literature, and then by the exhaustive study of the species, varieties and forms of the tribe. Fungi Europaei, Volume 9, Amaniteae includes the original diagnoses, keys, detailed descriptions, comments as well as abundance of illustrations (line-drawings of microanatomical features, photographs and colour plates). The final bibliography covers all the references made in the work.

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