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Gran Pantanal Paraguay

Emily Y Horton
68 pages, Col photos
Hardback | May 2010 | #186387 | ISBN-13: 9789995384869
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Language: Bilingual in English and Spanish

The Gran Pantanal of Alto Paraguay forms part of the planet's largest wetland system. It is found along the central valley of the La Plata River Basin that encompasses more than 400,000 square kilometers and stretches over 3,000 kilometers from north to south, from Mato Grosso in Brazil, to the Rio de la Plata estuary between Argentina and Uruguay.

This wetland system is responsible for regulating the flood pulses of the Paraguay and Paran Rivers, protecting millions of people from extreme flood and drought; it is a source of high quality water; thanks to its rich biodiversity, it produces abundant and varied food for city inhabitants and communities located along its banks.

The great Pantanal of Alto Paraguay, with its spectacular scenic beauty, that combines vast wetlands and splendid mountainous islands covered with forests, harbours one of the greatest treasures of biodiversity on Earth. This book provides us a panorama of the great beauty belonging to a relatively unknown part of Paraguay.

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