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Habi-Sabi Little Bird Box

Innovative urban lightweight nest box for small birds made from recycled materials
Jan 2013 | #202495
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Habi-Sabi is a new concept in urban wildlife support based on the Japanese Wabi-Sabi principle of finding beauty in simplicity, austerity and natural variation. Their range of wildlife habitat products are constructed entirely from an up-cycled material called Barsmark PT-200 which is made from recycled waste insulation. As well as being aesthetically beautiful, this material is 100% resistant to moisture, has a lifespan of 20-25 years and weathers to a soft golden finish.

The Habi-Sabi Little Bird Box is supplied flat-packed and the ingenious design ensures that it is lightweight and simple to construct, requiring no nails or screws. The nest box is designed to be attached to exterior walls of buildings using a simple piece of wire (not supplied), but could also be attached to trees or fences using the same method.  This nest box is intended to provide urban habitats for common small bird species, and the modern design and finish of the boxes makes them perfect for use in towns and cities.

The Little Bird Box has a 32mm entrance hole which is attractive to most species of garden birds, including Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits, Nuthatches and Tree or House Sparrows.

Key Features

* Easily built in 20 minutes with no nails or screws
* Assembled with just your hands and some sandpaper
* Lightweight & designed to be hung from an exterior wall
* Long lasting: the material has a 25 year life span 


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External dimensions: 280mm long x 210mm wide x 220mm deep, with a 10mm wide overhanging roof.
Flatpack weight: 2kg.
Packaging: recycled cardboard box ( 290 x 275 x 90mm ). 
Supplied with assembly manual.

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