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Heukels' Interactieve Flora van Nederland 2.0 (DVD ROM)

R van der Meijden
DVD-ROM | Windows | Dec 2007 | #174372 | ISBN-13: 9789075000894
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Language: Dutch

Heukels' Interactieve Flora van Nederland version 2.0 is based on the 23rd edition of the book Heukels' Flora van Nederland by R. van der Meijden (2005). Heukels' Flora is the standard work on the flora of the Netherlands. The completely updated 23rd edition includes the latest opinions on plant evolution based on worldwide DNA research. However, the DVD-ROM offers much more than the book. This digital flora is illustrated with over 9000 illustrations. The distribution atlas is based on the completely renewed and up-to-date data of FLORON (the Netherlands national plant databank). The DVD-ROM contains information on 2019 species, subspecies and varieties of 136 plant families. Plant identification is achieved via the 2521 steps of the dichotomous key or through a key based on a data matrix of characteristics.

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