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Hydrogeology of Arid Environments


By: Randolf Rausch(Editor), Christoph Schüth(Editor), Thomas Himmelsbach(Editor)

283 pages, colour illustrations, tables

Schweizerbart Science Publishers

Hardback | Jan 2012 | #203793 | ISBN-13: 9783443010706
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Language: English

In arid and semi-arid regions groundwater is often the only natural resource for water supply. Therefore, stakeholders face great challenges in managing this resource in a responsible way. The problem is further amplified by population growth, increase in agricultural, industrial and municipal water consumption, and the threat of climate change. Therefore, an optimal use and management of the scarce groundwater resources is imperative. A precondition for this is a sound understanding of the particularities of the hydrogeology of arid and semi-arid regions as well as a proper knowledge of the water budget, water resources in storage, and water quality.

Hydrogeology of Arid Environments summarizes the results of the conference "Hydrogeology of Arid Environments", which was held in March 2012 in Hannover (Germany). It gives an overview about current research on this topic with examples from arid and semi-arid areas from all over the world.


Preface V

Key Notes

Al Saud, M., Rausch, R.: Integrated Groundwater Management in the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 1

Foster, St.: Agricultural Irrigation – A Critical Nexus for
Groundwater Resources in More Arid Climates 7

Hötzl, H.: Climatic Caused Variations of Groundwater Recharge in the
Middle East and its Consequences for the Future Water Management 10

Kinzelbach, W.: Modelling of the Hydrology and Hydraulics of the
Okavango Delta 15

Extended Abstracts

Abusaada, M., Tamimi, A., Sauter, M.: Demand Management as a Potential
Unconventional Source of Water, The West Bank Governorates 21

Arzani, N.: Groundwater Recharges in Dryland Alluvial Megafans:
Geomorphology versus Lithofacies Controls, Examples from Central Iran

Damtew, A. D.: Integrated Examinations of Hydraulic Conductivity,
Apparent Resistivity and Hydrochemical Characteristics of Aquifers in
a View to Minimize Failure Rates of Wells in Weybo River Catchment,
Southern Ethiopia, East Africa 30

Dirks, H., Holtkemper, S., Al-Saud, M., Rausch, R.: How Much Water is
Left? – An Economic Approach to the Quantifi cation of Non-Renewable
Groundwater Resources 34

Fadlelmawla, A., Hadi, K., Zouari, K.: Investigations of Recharge to
an Arid Zone Freshwater Lenses 36

Fakir, Y., Le Page, M., Aslikh, A., Fanzi, A., Huber, M.: Historical
Background of Water Resources and Current Management Initiatives in
the Semi-Arid Plain of Souss-Chtouka (Morocco) 40

Gossel, W., Sefelnasr, A., Wycisk, P.: Saltwater Intrusion Balances in
the Nubian Aquifer System 43

Gräbe, A., Rödiger, T., Kolditz, O., Rink, K., Fischer, T., Sun, F.,
Wang, W.: Development of a 3D Groundwater Flow Model in Semi-Arid to
Arid Region: The Western Drainage Basin of the Dead Sea (Israel and
West Bank) 48

Gröngröft, A., Landschreiber, L., Classen, N., Duijnisveld, W.,
Eschenbach, A.: Combining Field Measurements and Modeling of Soil
Water Dynamics to Quantify Groundwater Recharge in Dryland Savanna,
Namibia 52

Jabloun, M., Sahli, A., Hennings, V., Muller, W., Sieber, J., Purkey,
D.: Evaluating Uncertainty Introduced to MABIA-WEAP-FAO56 Soil Water
Balance Simulation Model by Using Limited Meteorological Data 56

Keim, B., Rausch, R., Al-Saud, M., Pfäffl in, H., Bárdossy, A.,
Bendel, D., Lorenz, M.: Large Scale Groundwater Recharge Estimation
with Hydrological Models in Arid Environments – Case Study Arabian
Peninsula – 60

Koeniger, P., Toll, M., Himmelsbach, T., Shalak, K., Hadaya, A.,
Rajab, R.: Stable Isotope Studies in Semiarid, Karstic Environments
Reveal Information for Sustainable Management of Water Resources in
Damascus, Syria 65

Koziorowski, G.: Preparatory Hydrogeological Investigations for the
Large-Scale Strategic ASR-Project in the Liwa Desert of the Abu Dhabi
Emirate 71

Mächtle, B., Ross, K., Eitel, B.: The Khadin Water Harvesting System
of Peru – An Ancient Example for Future Adaption to Climatic Change 76

Maliva, R. G., Herrmann, R., Winslow, F. P.: Managed Aquifer Recharge
of Reclaimed Water: Storage and Treatment Opportunities in Arid Lands

Mallast, U., Siebert, C., Schwonke, F., Wagner, B., Rödiger, T.,
Geyer, S., Gloaguen, R., Sauter, M., Kühn, F., Merz, R.: Application
of Thermal Data for Groundwater Studies in Arid Regions at the Example
of the Dead Sea 84

Margane, A., Makki, I.: Water Resources Protection for the Water
Supply of Beirut 89 Markovich, K. H., Pierce, S. A.: Integrated Remote
and in situ Assessment of a Playa Lake Groundwater System in Northern
Chile 92

Menzel, L., Törnros, T.: The Water Resources of the Eastern
Mediterranean: Present and Future Conditions 97

Michelsen, N., Schubert, M., Schüth, C., Rausch, R., Al Saud, M.:
Assessment of Natural Radioactivity Occurring in Saudi Arabian
Sandstone Aquifers 101

Nesrine, N., Rachida, B.: Hydrological and Hydrochemical Process of
the Sebkha Oum El Khialette, South East of Tunisia 105

Prathapar, S. A.: Constraints for Managed Aquifer Recharge in Arid and
Semi-Arid Regions 109

Prein, A., Weiß, J., Makhoul, R. S.: Groundwater Modeling Considering
Climate Change and Signifi cant Change in Recharge by Urban
Development Along the Western Coast of Saudi Arabia 112

Reuss, R., Zoßeder, K., Maßmann, J., Huber, M., Schelkes, K., Stork,
J., Priestly-Leach, O., Subah, A.: Linkage of WEAP and MODFLOW Models
for the Azraq Basin 118

Riegger, J., Tourian, M. J.: Characterization of Water Storage
Dynamics in Arid Areas by Satellite Gravimetry 124

Roediger, T., Meier, A., Siebert, C., Königer, F., Kallioras, A.,
Forestier, P., Fuest, T., Schüth, C., Rausch, R., Al-Saud, M.,
Dietrich, P.: Identifi cation of Potential Groundwater Recharge Using
3D-Spatial Soil Moisture Observations in the Ad-Dahna Desert, Kingdom
of Saudi Arabia 129

Sabri, R., Ghanem, M., Abu Madi, M., Merkel, B.: Groundwater Modeling
in Al Malih Basin, Jordan Valley 133

Sarsak, R. F., Almasri, M. N.: Modeling of Seawater Intrusion Due to
Climate Change Impacts in North Gaza Coastal Aquifer Using SEAWAT 137

Schlote, A., Hennings, V., Schäffer, U.: Water Balance for the Aleppo
Basin, Syria – Implications of Land Use on Simulated Groundwater
Abstraction and Recharge 141

Schmidt, S., Fischer, S., Toll, M., Ries, F., Zayed, O., Guttman, J.,
Marei, A., Weiss, M., Geyer, T., Sauter, M.: Design and Setup of a
High Resolution Hydrometric Monitoring Network in a Semi-Arid Karst
Environment – West Bank 147

Sharma, S. K.: Fluoride Problem in Semi-Arid Region – a Case Study
from India 151 Siebert, C., Rödiger, T., Rausch, R., Döhler, J.,
Michelsen, N., Al-Saud, M.: The Upper Mega Aquifer System on the
Arabian Peninsula – Delineation of Sub-Aquifer Interaction Using
Hydrochemical and REE+Y Patterns 154

Siegfried, T., Kinzelbach, W.: Moving Well Solution to Optimal,
Multi-Objective Groundwater Use – Method and Application 158

Sorman, A. U.: Wadi System Components Under Arid Climate to Estimate
Transmission Losses and Groundwater Recharge through Analytic/Numeric
Solutions 162

Toll, M., Shalak, K., Al-Safadi, M., Hadaya, A., Abdullah, A., Rajab,
R., Houben, G., Himmelsbach, T.: Mitigating the Current and Future
Challenges for the Drinking Water Supply of Damascus, Syria 166

Vassolo, S.: Groundwater Recharge in the Lake Chad Basin 171

Vogel, K., Döhler, J.: Monitoring of Water Resources in Arid Regions

Wang, H., Yang, P., Kinzelbach, W.: Modeling Ecological Water Releases
to the Lower Tarim River 180

Weyer, K. U., Ellis, J. C., Tademait Plateau: A Regional Groundwater
Recharge Area in the Centre of the Algerian Sahara 185

Poster Abstracts

Abi Rizk, J., Margane, A.: Surface Karst Features Mapping for the
Groundwater Catchment Area of Jeita Spring 190

Al Jabri, S., Ahmed, M., Al Maktoumi, A., Prathapar, S. A.: Potential
of Managed Aquifer Recharge of Treated Wastewater in the Governate of
Muscat, the Sultanate of Oman 191

Al Mahamid, J.: Application of Groundwater Modeling for Water
Resources Management in Arid Environments 192

Al Tokhais, A. S., Rausch, R., Dirks, H.: The Hydrogeology of Al Hassa
Springs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – A Case Study for the
Depletion of an Aquifer 193

Al-ameri, A., Schneider, M., Janetz, S.: Hydrogeochemistry of
Groundwaters of the Sana‘a Basin Aquifer System, Yemen 194

Al-Amry, A. S.: Water Security and Water Quality Impacts in Yemen,
with Special Reference to Fluorosis 195

Alizadeh, H., Mousavi, S.J.: Interdependent Hydrogeology of Vadose
Zone and Shallow Groundwater in Agricultural Ecosystems for Estimation
of Irrigation Requirement 196

Alkhoury, W., Sauter, M.: Hydrological Modelling in Arid and Semi-Arid
Regions Using a Physics Based Model as a Tool for Water Budget
Assessment 197

Avagimyan, T., Petrosyan, B., Sargsyan, G.: Groundwater Resources in
Nagorno-Karabakh 198

Bani-Khalaf, R., Kalbouneh, A.: Water Resources Protection Plan for
Zara – Ma`een – Mujib Project Watershed 199

Bassis, A., Hinderer, M., Rausch, R., Keller, M., Schüth, C., Al-Ajmi,
H., Michelsen, N.: Radioactive Anomalies in the Paleozoic-Mesozoic
Aquifers of the Arabian Platform 200

Bohnsack, D., Keller, M., Hinderer, M., Hornung, J., Witte, P.,
Al-Ajmi, H., Schüth, C., Rausch, R.: Sedimentological and
Petrophysical Outcrop Analogue Studies of the Cretaceous Wasia-Biyadh
and Aruma Aquifers in Saudi Arabia 202

Burges, B., Gossel, W., Wycisk, P.: Evaluation of Water Resources in
the Dakhla Oasis (Egypt) 203

Cissé Faye, S., Diouf, O. C., Kaba, M., Diedhiou, M., Faye, S.,
Wohnlich, S., Gaye, C. B., Faye, A.: Combined Uses of WTF, CMB and
Environmental Isotopes to Investigate Groundwater Recharge in the
Thiaroye Sandy Aquifer (Dakar, Senegal) 204

Deckelmann, A., Al Khalifa, A., Rausch, R.: Hydrogeology of the
Wasia-Biyadh Aquifer, Saudi Arabia 206

Dioha, E., Scherer, L., Shiru, M.: Geophysical Exploration of
Groundwater in a Sedimentary Terrain: A Case Study from Uli over Benin
Formation in Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria 207

Doummar, J., Margane, A., Sauter, M., Geyer, T.: Assessment of
Transport Parameters in a Karst System under Various Flow Periods
through Extensive Analysis of Artifi cal Tracer Tests 208

Ebert, C., Geyer, S., Rödiger, T., Busch, W., Knoche, M., Gloaguen,
R., Pohl, E., Osenbrück, K., Baidulloeva, J., Weise, S. M.:
Determining the Water Budget of the Gunt (Semi-Arid Tajik Pamir) Using
Stable Water Isotopes, Hydrochemical- and Remote Sensing Data 209

El Shazly Mahmoud, M., Abu Degen, A. S., Abu Degen, S. H.: Deep
Exploratory Drilling for Wajid Sandstone Reservoirs 211

El-Hames, A. S., Al Thobaiti, A.: Proposing the Best Groundwater
Utilization for Haddat Al Sham Arid Region Aquifer, Western Saudi
Arabia 213

Elkrail, A. B., Obied, B. A.: Hydrochemical Characterization and
Groundwater Quality in Delta Tokar Alluvial Plain, Red Sea Coast –
Sudan 214

Fatha, C., Chemseddine, F.: Hydrogeological Characteristics of Djbel
Es Senn Turonian Limestone Aquifer of Tebessa Area (North East of
Algeria) 215

Friedrich, G., Reicherter, K., Rausch, R., Dirks, H., Al-Ajmi, H.,
Kolditz, O., Rink, K.: The Upper Permian, Triassic and Jurassic
Formations of the Eastern Arabian Peninsula – Drawing Up a Geological
3D-Model for the Khuff-Jilh-Minjur-Dhruma Aquifer System 216

Fuest, T., Al-Shabibi, I., Dirks, H., Rausch, R.: Hydrogeology of the
Late Permian, Triassic & Jurassic Aquifers of Saudi Arabia 218

Fulton, S., Wohling, D., Love, A.: Characterising Recharge through an
Arid Zone River Using an Environmental Tracer Approach 219

Gassen, N., Hamdan, I., Subah, A., Jaber, A., El-Fahem, T.:
Groundwater Resource Protection in Jordan, a Case Study from AW SA and
Heedan Well Fields 220

Gebreegziabher, M., Ayenew, T., Kebede, S., Mamo, S.: Environmental
Isotopes to Understand the Groundwater Flow Dynamics in Raya Valley,
Northern Ethiopia 222

Hadj-Said, S., Zeddouri, A.: Chemical and Bacteriological Quality of
the Shallow Alluvial Aquifer of Guerrara (Southeast Algeria) 223

Hamdan, I., Steinel, A.: Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) Potential Map
for Amman-Zarqa and Azraq Basins, Jordan 224

Hamdi, Y.: FAD: A Computer Based System for Frequency Analysis of
Droughts 225

Hashemi, H., Berndtsson, R., Kompani-Zare, M.: Modeling Artifi cial
Groundwater Recharge by Floodwater Spreading: Estimation, Effect and
Enhancement 226

Hennings, V., Massmann, J.: Pedotransfer Functions to Estimate Annual
Groundwater Recharge Rates in Countries of the Arab Region 228

Herrmann, R.: Importance of Geophysical Logging in Arid Heterogeneous
Unconfi ned Aquifers 229

Hijazi, F., Halwani, J., Daye, M., Baroudi, M.: Hydrogeology and
Contamination of the Basin of Tripoli 230

Houben, G., Noell, U., Grissemann, C.: Exploration and Management of
an Inland Fresh Water Lens in the Paraguayan Chaco 231

Hunger, J.: Hydrogeological and Hydrogeochemical Investigation of the
El Tatio Hydrogeothermal Field and the Rio Salado/Rio Loa River
System, Antofagasta Region, Chile 232

Jilali, A., Zarhloule, Y., Dassargues, A., Goderniaux, P.,
Wildemeersch, S.: Impact of Climate Change on the Figuig Oasis
Aquifer, Morocco, Using a Numerical Model 233

Kelly, T., Akram, M. R., Schott, U.: Ground Water Table Rise in an
Arid Environment – Investigations in Greater Doha Area 234

Knoche, M., Krause, P., Gloaguen, R.: Using Meteorological Satellite
Data in a Hydrological Model to Achieve Full Space-Time Coverage in
the Poorly Surveyed Awash Catchment (Central Ethiopia) 236

Kraushaar, S., Schumann, T., Ollesch, G., Siebert, C., Rödiger, T.:
Erosion and Sedimentation Studies in the Wadi Al Arab Catchment/ North
Jordan – Alternative Method Application and First Results in a Data
Scarce Environment 237

Krueger, E., Zacharias, S., Vereecken, H., Bogena, H.: TERENO-MED:
Observation and Exploration Platform for Water Resources in the
Mediterranean 239

Landschreiber, L., Gröngröft, A., Eschenbach, A.: Conceptual Framework
to Quantify the Influence of Soil, Land Use and Vegetation
Heterogeneity on Soil Water Balances and Dynamics along the Okavango
River Basin 241

Lapworth, D. J., MacDonald, A. M., Bonsor, H. C., Tijani, M. N.,
Calow, R. C.: Preliminary Results from a Water Economy and Livelihoods
Survey (WELS) in Nigeria and Mali, Sub-Saharan Africa, Investigating
Water Security and Access 243

Le Page, M., Simonneaux, V., Duchemin, B., Kharrou, H., Helson, D.,
Métral, J., Cherkaoui, M., Berjamy, B., Mougenot, B., Er-Raki, S.,
Chehbouni, A.: SAMIR, a Tool for Spatialized Estimates of
Evapo-Transpiration and Water Budget by Remote Sensing 244

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Wyk, B., Zauter, H.: Deep Fresh Groundwater Resources in the Cubango
Megafan, North Namibia 246

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in the Liwa Desert, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 247

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Areas in the Eastern Region of UAE 249

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Syria 250 Mtoni, Y., Mjemah, I. C., Walraevens, K.: Enhancing of
Environmental Quality through Groundwater Artificial Recharge in Dar
es Salaam Coastal Aquifer 251

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Quality Issues 255

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Khalifa, A.: Groundwater Evolution of the Umm Er Radhuma Aquifer in
the Rub’ Al Khali Desert (Arabian Peninsula) 256

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Mineralization and Chemical Composition Regime Changes of Underground
Waters in Vegetation Periods 257

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Koutine Groundwater (Tunisia) Using the WEAP-MODFLOW Framework 258

Odeh, T., Geyer, S., Rödiger, T., Siebert, C., Schirmer, M.:
Interdisciplinary of Structural Geology and Hydrogeology: The Case
Study of Wadi Zerka Ma’in Catchment Area, Dead Sea, Jordan 259

Omrani, N., Burger, D.: The SASS Water Management in the Southern
Tunisia Oases: Water Shortage or Inadequate Approach? 261

Pfletschinger, H., Engelhardt, I., Schüth, C.: Evaluation of Water,
Vapor and Heat Fluxes under Arid Conditions by Inverse Modeling 262

Philipp, A., Grundmann, J.: Infiltration During Wadi Runoff – A
Modelling Tool for Improving Groundwater Recharge Assessment 263

Piyadasa, R. U. K., Weerahinghe, K. D. N.: Sustainable Use of
Groundwater in the Coast Affected by the Tsunami – Case Study of
Madiha East, Sri Lanka 264

Rahman, M. A., Uddin, M. S., Sadaa, M. A., Rusteberg, B.: Long-Term
Environmental Impact Assessment of a Managed Aquifer Recharge Project
in the Northern Gaza Strip by Using Mathematical Modeling Technique

Reshid, M. Y., Michelsen, N., Schüth, C., Stadler, S., Rausch, R.,
Weise, S., Al-Saud, M.: Identification of Multiple Nitrate Sources in
Selected Saudi Arabian Aquifers Using a Multi-Isotope Approach 266

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Variability of its Concentrations in Arid Basin Groundwaters;
Implications for Flow Processes and Water Quality 267

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Pan Brines by the Study of Chemical and Isotopic Compositions 269

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Estimation Using the Hydrological Model J2000g of the Zarqa River
Catchment, NW-Jordan 270

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Contamination by Agricultural Activities in Arid Environment: Evidence
from Nitrogen and Oxygen Isotopic Composition, Arava Valley, Israel

Sieland, R., Merkel, B.: Insights in the Hydrodynamics of a
Lithium-Rich Brine Reservoir in an Arid Region in South-Western
Bolivia: Exploration Study at the Salar De Uyuni 272

Smadi, H., Hayajneh, A., Subah, A., Priestley-Leach, O., Stork, J.,
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Management Options in the Azraq Basin in Jordan 273

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Visualizing Age Stratification and Internal Dynamics on a Laboratory
Scale 274

Suk, H., Lee, K.: Comparison of Various Numerical Schemes for
Simulating Fluid Flow in Variably Saturated Porous Media 275

Törnros, T., Menzel, L.: Regional Droughts and Irrigation Water Demand
under Current and Future Climates in the Jordan River Region 276

Ueckert, M., Brückner, L., Merkel, B.: Hydrogeological and
Hydrogeochemical Investigations in the Copiapó Valley, Región de
Atacama, Chile 277

Van Wyk, A. E., Kambinda, W., Amukwaya, M., Mwetulundila, A., Nuujoma,
R., Menge, L., Shidute, P.: A Three Dimensional Model of the Omdel
Aquifer in the Namib Desert of Namibia 278

Vassolo, S., Geerken, R., Bila, M.: Safeguarding Lake Chad Basin
Transboundary Aquifers under Uncertain Climatic Regime 279

Verones, F., Bartl, K., Pfi ster, S., Hellweg, S.: Using Simplified
Water Budgeting to Estimate Environmental Impacts in Life Cycle
Assessment (LCA) 280

Weyer, K. U., Ellis, J. C.: Tademait Plateau: A Regional Groundwater
Recharge Area in the Centre of the Algerian Sahara 281

Xanke, J., Sawarieh, A., Seder, N., Ali, W., Goldscheider, N., Hötzl,
H.: Managed Artificial Recharge into a Karst Aquifer – Wala Dam,
Jordan 282

Zomlot, Z., Elbaba, M., Batelaan, O.: Estimation of Spatially
Distributed Groundwater Recharge for Gaza Strip, Palestine 283

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