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Living Together: Planets, Host Stars and Binaries


Series: ASP Conference Series Volume: 496

By: Slavek M Rucinski(Editor), Guillermo Torres(Editor), Miloslav Zejda(Editor)

417 pages, illustrations

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific

Paperback | Jan 2015 | #228389 | ISBN-13: 9781583818763
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About this book

Living Together contains the proceedings of a cross-disciplinary science conference that took place in the historic city of Litomyšl in the Eastern Czech Republic on 8-12 September 2014 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth in this city of Zdeněk Kopal, one of the most famous Czech astronomers of the 20th century. The meeting attracted over 120 experts in the fields of binary stars and planets from more than 25 countries around the world.

Binary stars and planets form and evolve through processes involving redistribution and evolution of the angular momentum of collapsing interstellar clouds, through several dissipation and re-organization mechanisms. Both types of objects are studied in similar ways, with methods and tools developed by the binary-star community over many years, but now extensively applied to study planets. The theory and observation of these processes are now rapidly advancing and leading to new and exciting results, which made this meeting a timely opportunity for discussion and vigorous exchange of ideas.

Living Together will be of interest to researchers wishing to learn about new observational projects related to many aspects of binary star physics, as well as the discovery and characterization of exoplanets, particularly planets in binary star systems. Included as well are many presentations describing ongoing research on close and interacting binary stars, which was a subject close to the scientific interests of Zdeněk Kopal, as embodied in his monumental monograph Close Binary Systems (1959).


Front Matter          
Front Matter     1     Rucinski, S.; Torres, G.; Zejda, M.
Conference Photos     2     Rucinski, S.; Torres, G.; Zejda, M.

Part I. Zdeněk Kopal          
Zdeněk Kopal: Astronomer and Teacher     3     Budding, E.
Zdeněk Kopal: Numerical Analyst     19     Krǐžek, M.

Part II. Multiple Stellar and Planetary Systems          
Origins of the Statistical Properties of Binary Systems     37     Bate, M. R.
Formation of Binary Stars and Planets     53     Artymowicz, P.
Formation and Evolution of Planets in and Around Binary Star Systems     54     Haghighipour, N.
Triple Stars Observed by Kepler     55     Orosz, J. A.
Exploring Eclipsing Binaries, Triples and Higher-Order Multiple Star Systems with the SuperWASP Archive     71     Lohr, M. E.
Multiples Among Detached Eclipsing Binaries from the ASAS Catalog     76     Helminiak, K. G.; Konacki, M.; Ratajczak, M.; Jordán, A.; Espinoza, N.; Brahm, R.; Kambe, E.; Ukita, N.
Detection of Binary and Multiple Systems Among Rapidly Rotating K and M Dwarf Stars From Kepler Data     83     Oláh, K.; Rappaport, S.; Joss, M.
Examining Young Multiple Stellar Systems with Lucky Imaging and Adaptive Optics Observations     89     Csépány, G.; van den Ancker, M.; Abrahám, P.; Köhler, R.; Brandner, W.; Hormuth, F.
The Dynamical Evolution of the Multiple Stellar System a Gem     94     Andrade, M.; Docobo, J. A.
A Triple Eclipsing System as a Test Case for Close Binary Formation through Kozai Cycles     99     Conroy, K. E.; Prša, A.; Stassun, K. G.
The Frequency of Wide Companions to Planet-Host Stars: A New Wide Brown Dwarf Companion     104     Lodieu, N.; Pérez-Garrido, A.; Béjar, V. J. S.; Gauza, B.; Ruiz, M. T.; Rebolo, R.
Observational Manifestations of Changes in the Orbits of Some Triple Systems     109     Volkov, I. M.
Disentangling the Quadruple System 1SWASP J093010.78+533859.5     112     Gazeas, K.
Circumbinary Components of Contact Binaries     114     Demircan, O.; Bulut, I

Part III. Binary Stars          
The Gaia Mission, Binary Stars and Exoplanets     121     Eyer, L.; Rimoldini, L.; Holl, B.; North, P.; Zucker, S.; Evans, D. W.; Pourbaix, D.; Hodgkin, S. T.; Thuillot, W.; Mowlavi, N.; Carry, B.
Eclipsing Binary Systems as Tests of Low-Mass Stellar Evolution Theory     137     Feiden, G. A.
What Massive Binaries are Telling Us     153     Williams, S. J.
Heartbeat Stars and the Ringing of Tidally Induced Pulsations     162     Hambleton, K.; Kurtz, D.; Prša, A.; Fuller, J.; Thompson, S.
DEBCat: A Catalog of Detached Eclipsing Binary Stars     164     Southworth, J.
Photometric Amplitude Distribution of the Stellar Rotation of Kepler KOIs: An Indication of Spin-Orbit Alignment in Cool Stars     167     Mazeh, T.
The Benchmark Eclipsing Binary V530 Ori: A Critical Test of Magnetic Evolution Models for Low-Mass Stars     169     Torres, G.; Lacy, C. H. S.; Pavlovski, K.; Feiden, G. A.; Sabby, J. A.; Bruntt, H.; Clausen, J. V.
Spectroscopic Study of the Low Mass Benchmark Eclipsing Binary UV Piscium     174     Feiden, G. A.; Stempels, E.; Hebb, L.; Mack III, C. E.; Chaboyer, B.
A Spectroscopic and Photometric Study of the Interacting Binary and Double Period Variable HD 170582     175     Mennickent, R. E.; Djurasevic, G.; Cabezas, M.; Cséki, A.; Rosales, J.; Niemczura, E.; Araya, I.; Curé, M.
The Concept of Few-Parameter Modeling of Eclipsing Binary and Exoplanet Transit Light Curves     176     Mikulášek, Z.; Zejda, M.; Pribulla, T.; Vavnko, M.; Qian, S.-B.; Zhu, L.-Y.
Follow-up Ground-based Observations of Interesting Kepler Eclipsing Binaries Through Aristarchos' (2.3 m) Eyes     181     Papageorgiou, A.; Christopoulou, P.-E.
BEER Analysis of Kepler and CoRoT Light Curves III. Sixty New Non-Eclipsing BEER Binaries Discovered in CoRoT Light Curves Confirmed by RVs from AAOmega     186     Tal-Or, L.; Faigler, S.; Mazeh, T.
First Spectroscopic Study of the Southern Eclipsing Binary V454 Carina     187     Özkardeş, B.; Erdem, A.; Sürgit, D.; Butland, R.; Budding, E.
Study of Eclipsing Binary and Multiple Systems in OB Associations III: A Progress Report     189     Bakis, V.; Hensberge, H.; Demircan, O.; Zejda, M.; Bilir, S.; Nitschelm, C.
Binaries with a δ Scuti Component: Results from a Long-Term Observational Survey, Updated Catalog, and Future Prospects     195     Liakos, A.; Niarchos, P.
Extremely Short-Period Contact Binaries     200     Zhu, L.-Y.; Qian, S.-B.; Jiang, L.-Q.; Zejda, M.; Mikulášek, Z.; Zhao, E. G.
Contact Binaries on Their Way Towards Merging     204     Gazeas, K.
A New Look at the Eclipse Timing Variation Diagram Analysis of Selected 3-body W UMa Systems     210     Christopoulou, P.; Papageorgiou, A.
Modeling and Period Study of the Overcontact Binary V1128 Tau     215     Latkovic, O.; Çalişkan, c.; Djurasevic, G.; Özavci, I.; Baştürk, &.; Cseki, A.; cSenavci, H. V.; Kilicoglu, T.; Yilmaz, M.; Selam, S. O.
Observational Verification of the Limb-Darkening Law Based on Kepler Data     217     Zola, S.; Baran, A.; Debski, B.; Jableka, D.
Near-Contact Binaries in the Small Magellanic Cloud     223     Zejda, M.; Mikulášek, Z.; Qian, S.-B.; Zhu, L.-Y.; Wolf, M.; Zasche, P.; Janík, J.; Liška, J.; Skarka, M.
On the Diversity and Similarity of Outbursts of Symbiotic Binaries and Cataclysmic Variables     226     Skopal, A.
Observation and Light Curve Analysis of Three Eclipsing Dwarf Novae     231     Golysheva, P.; Shugarov, S.; Katysheva, N.; Khruzina, T.
Multicolor Photometry of the Novae V339 Del and V2659 Cyg     237     Chochol, D.; Ikonnikova, N.; Katysheva, N.; Shugarov, S.; Volkov, I.
Outburst Activity of the Symbiotic System AG Dra     240     Gális, R.; Hric, L.; Leedjärv, L.; Kundra, E.
Ionization Structure of the Symbiotic Binary V1016 Cyg from Raman Scattering of the He II 1025 Å Line     243     Sekeráš, M.; Skopal, A.
An Indication of the Enhanced Circumstellar Matter Near the Orbital Plane of the Symbiotic Star EG And     245     Shagatova, N.; Skopal, A.
Investigation of a Wide Eclipsing Binary System – The Symbiotic Star FG Ser = AS 296     247     Shugarov, S.; Skopal, A.; Kolotilov, E.
On the Origin of the Raman Scattered O VI 1032 Å Line During Outbursts and Quiescent Phases of the Symbiotic Binary AG Dra     250     Kreibiková, Z.; Skopal, A.
Spin Period Study of the Intermediate Polars MU Cam, V2306 Cyg and V1323 Her     252     Petrik, K.; Breus, V. V.; Andronov, I. L.; Csataryova, M.; Drga, J.; Hegedus, T.; Zola, S.; Chinarova, L. L.; Kim, Y. H.; Park, J.; Yoon, J.-N.; Dubovsky, P.; and, S. V. K.; Antonyuk, K. A.
The BlackGEM Array: Searching for Gravitational Wave Source Counterparts to Study Ultra-Compact Binaries     254     Bloemen, S.; Groot, P.; Nelemans, G.; Klein-Wolt, M.
Transient Disk Structure of the Interacting Binary R Arae     256     Bakiş, H.; Bakiş, V.; Eker, Z.
First Spectroscopic Solutions of Two Southern Eclipsing Binaries: HO Tel and QY Tel     258     Sürgit, D.; Erdem, A.; Engelbrecht, C. A.; van Heerden, P.; Manick, R.
New Spectroscopic Solution of the Eclipsing Binary HX Vel A     260     Sürgit, D.; Erdem, A.; Özkardeş, B.; Butland, R.; Budding, E.
Long-Term Photometric and Spectroscopic Variability of V501 Aur     262     Vavnko, M.; Torres, G.; Pribulla, T.; Parimucha, &.; Krushevska, V.; Neuhäuser, R.; Shugarov, S. Y.; Hambálek, v.; Kundra, E.; Nedorošč'ik, J.; Garai, Z.
Asynchonous Binaries, Energy Dissipation and Turbulent Viscosity     264     Koenigsberger, G.; Brott, I.; Moreno, E.
Fast Apsidal Motion in GSC 4292-0745     266     Volkov, I. M.; Bagaev, L. A.; Chochol, D.
Period Variations in the Eclipsing Binary WX Draconis     269     Wolf, M.; Zasche, P.; Vraštil, J.; Kucáková, H.; Hornoch, K.
Period Variations of the Eclipsing Binary Systems T LMi and VX Lac     273     Yilmaz, M.; Izci, D. D.; Gümüs, D.; Özavci, I; Selam, S. O.
Determination of the Physical Dimensions of µ Cas     276     Bach, K.; Kang, W.
Period Changes for Extragalactic Eclipsing Binaries     278     Zasche, P.
Investigation of Cyclic O–C Changes in a Sample of Eclipsing Binaries     281     Jableka, D.; Zola, S.; Riddle, R.; Baranec, C.; Law, N.
Period Variations in Three Eclipsing Binaries in Vulpecula     284     Hanna, M. A.
AbsParEB and InPeVEB: Software for the Calculation of Absolute and Orbital Period Changes Parameters of Eclipsing Binaries     286     Liakos, A.
A Python-based GUI Software to Calculate Times of Maximum and Minimum: Xtrema     288     Bahar, E.; S¸enavci, H. V.; Bastürk, Ö.
A GUI for Analyzing the Period Changes of Eclipsing Binary Stars: ANGORA     290     Tezcan, C. T.; Şenavci, H. V.; Yōrūkoğlu, O.
Light Curve Morphology: The Evolution of the O‘Connell Effect and the Maxima Separation     293     Debski, B.; Zola, S.; Baran, A.
Effective Temperatures of Selected Main-Sequence Stars with the Most Accurate Parameters     295     Soydugan, F.; Eker, Z.; Soydugan, E.; Bilir, S.; Gökçe, E. Y.; Steer, I.; Tüysüz, M.; cSenyüz, T.; Demircan, O.
Hunting for Variable Stars in Open Clusters     297     Özeren, F. F.; Oralhan, I. A.; Küçük, I.; Arslan, Ö
MYRaf: An Easy Aperture Photometry GUI for IRAF     299     Niaei, M. S.; Kiliç, Y.; Özeren, F. F.
Detrending Algorithms in Large Time Series: Application to TFRM-PSES Data     301     del Ser, D.; Fors, O.; Núñez, J.; Voss, H.; Rosich, A.; Kouprianov, V.
VarSCAN: Variables in and Near Star Clusters     304     Janík, J.; Parimucha, S.; Paunzen, E.; Zejda, M.; Dróżdż, M.; Ogloza, W.; Hegedüs, T.
Variable Star and Exoplanet Section of the Czech Astronomical Society     307     Skarka, M.; Liška, J.; Šmelcer, L.; Brát, L.
Testing Phase of the Telescope ZIGA: Initial Results     309     Parimucha, S.; Vaňko, M.
Studies of Long Period Eclipsing Binaries     311     Ratajczak, M.; Helminiak, K. G.; Konacki, M.
Collaborative Studies of Southern Close Binary Systems     312     Budding, E.; Blackford, M.; Butland, R.; Demircan, O.; Erdem, A.; Idaczyk, R.; Özkardeş, B.; Richards, T.; Sürgit, D.
The New Remote-Controlled Telescope at Mt. Suhora Observatory     315     Stachowski, G.; Ogloza, W.; Drożdż, M.; Zakrzewski, B.
Photometric Observations of Selected BRITE Target Stars at Mt. Suhora Observatory     316     Stachowski, G.; Ogloza, W.; Drożdż, M.; Zakrzewski, B.

Part IV. Planets          
Observational Studies of Transiting Extrasolar Planets     321     Southworth, J.
On the Number of Hot Jupiters Having Extended Non-Spherical Envelopes     337     Bisikalo, D. V.; Kaygorodov, P. V.; Arakcheev, A. S.
Heating of the Upper Atmosphere of a Hot Jupiter for Various Spectral Energy Distributions of the Host Star     343     Ionov, D. E.; Shematovich, V. I.; Bisikalo, D. V.
Atmospheric Model of a dM Star with Planets     344     Vieytes, M. C.; Fontenla, J. M.; Buccino, A. P.; Mauas, P. J. D.
The Role of the Impulse Magnetic Fields in the Process of Earth-like Planet Formation     346     Petrík, K.; Tunyi, I.; Csataryova, M.; Bocik, A.; Drga, J.
Searching for Earth-mass Planets Around a Centauri: Obtaining Precise Radial Velocities from Composite Spectra     348     Bergmann, C.; Endl, M.; Hearnshaw, J.; Wittenmyer, R.
An Application of Kopal's Method for the Analysis of Transit Light Curves of Exoplanets Using Powerful Modern Algorithms     354     Makris, D.; Niarchos, P.; Gazeas, K.
Photometric Study of Hot Jupiters: WASP-10 b and HAT-P-36 b     356     Püsküllü, &.; Soydugan, F.; Erdem, A.; Budding, E.; Soydugan, E.; Tüysüz, M.; Rhodes, M.; Demircan, O.
Search for Young Transiting Exoplanets in NGC 7243: First Results     358     Garai, Z.; Pribulla, T.
WASP-41b: Refined Physical Properties     360     Vanko, M.; Pribulla, T.; Tan, T.G.; Parimucha, S.; Evans, P.; Mašek, M.
ETAP: An Exoplanetary Transit Analyzer Program     362     Demircan, O.; Bakiş, V.
Analysis of Exoplanet Light Curves     365     Erdem, A.; Budding, E.; Rhodes, M. D.; Püsküllü, Ç.; Soydugan, F.; Soydugan, E.; Tüysüz, M.; Demircan, O.
Defocused Observations of Selected Exoplanet Transits with T100 at the TÜBITAK National Observatory of Turkey (TUG)     370     Baştürk, Ö.; Hinse, T. C.; Özavci, I.; Yörükoğlu, O.; Selam, S. O.
Classification of Extrasolar Planets: New Horizons     375     Plávalová, E.
RTT150 Planet Search Program at TUG: Results from Seven Years of Observation     378     Yilmaz, M.; Selam, S. O.; Izumiura, H.; Bikmaev, I.; Sato, B.; Keskin, V.; Kambe, E.

Part V. Planets in Binary Systems          
The Prospects of Finding Planets Transiting Non-Eclipsing Binaries with Kepler     383     Martin, D. V.; Triaud, A. H. M. J.
Planets and Brown Dwarfs Orbiting Evolved Binaries     388     Qian, S.-B.; Zhu, L.-Y.; Liao, W.-P.; Zejda, M.; Mikulášek, Z.; Lajús, E. F.; Zola, S.; Zhou, X.; Han, Z.-T.
Kepler Circumbinary Planets: The Best of Both Worlds     394     Welsh, W.
Where Are The Circumbinary Planets of Contact Binaries?     395     Demircan, O.; Bulut, I?.
Analysis of the Motion of the Extrasolar Planet HD 120136 Ab in a Binary System: Calculating Unknown Angular Orbital Elements     400     Plávalová, E.; Solovaya, N. A.
Constraints on Circumbinary Habitability     405     Mason, P. A.; Zuluaga, J. I.; Zhilkin, A. G.; Bisikalo, D. V.; Cuartas-Restrepo, P. A.
Fingerprinting the Formation of Giant Planets Using the Binary System 16 Cyg     411     Melendez, J.; Tucci Maia, M.; Ramirez, I.
Eccentric Adventures in Circumbinary Disks     412     Dunhill, A. C.

Back Matter          
Back Matter     417

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