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Welcome to your December 2012 Newsletter from NHBS
This month:

1. New highlights in stock now at NHBS
2. Bestsellers from the NHBS Winter Gift Catalogue
3. ENDS TODAY (30/11/2012): OUP ecology sale
4. More new arrivals this month
5. Forthcoming highlights: Dec/Jan
6. Current bestselling books at NHBS

New highlights in stock now at NHBS

Britain's Sea Mammals: Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises, and Seals and Where to Find Them
Robert Still, Jon Dunn and Hugh Harrop

Britain's Sea Mammals is the essential field guide to all the sea mammals - whales, dolphins, porpoises, and seals - found in coastal Britain. Britain's Sea Mammals features more than 100 stunning photographs and close to 40 detailed and beautiful illustrations of 34 species of sea mammals, paying special attention to the 14 species most readily seen and most likely to be encountered.


Paperback | #198786 | 2012 | Buy Now £12.95 | $21/€16 approx.

The Unfeathered Bird
Katrina van Grouw

There is more to a bird than simply feathers. And just because birds evolved from a single flying ancestor doesn't mean they are structurally all the same. With over 300 stunning drawings depicting 200 species,The Unfeathered Bird is a richly illustrated book on bird anatomy that offers refreshingly original insights into what goes on beneath the feathered surface.


Hardback | #198784 | 2012 | Buy Now £34.95 | $58/€44 approx.

Silent Spring (50th Anniversary Edition)
Rachel Carson and Caroline Lucas

Impassioned, poetic and brilliantly written, Silent Spring is now recognized as one of the most influential books of the twentieth century. In it, Rachel Carson exposed the destruction of wildlife through the widespread and indiscriminate use of pesticides.


Hardback | #201157 | 2012 | Buy Now £14.99 | $25/€19 approx.

The Birdwatcher's Yearbook 2013
Hilary Cromack and David Cromack

Even in this internet age, nothing can beat having all the information you need as a birdwatcher in one handy volume. For the past 33 years, The Birdwatcher's Yearbook has been acclaimed as the most comprehensive reference work for the British birdwatching scene.


Paperback | #201720 | 2012 | Buy Now £18.50 | $31/€23 approx.

Beetles of Britain and Ireland, Volume 1: Sphaeriusidae to Silphidae
Andrew G Duff and Udo Schmidt

Beetles of Britain and Ireland, Volume 1: Sphaeriusidae to Silphidae is a new identification guide to the adult Coleoptera of the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, and the British Crown Dependency of the Isle of Man. It is the first comprehensive account of the beetles of the British Isles since Joy's A Practical Handbook of British Beetles, published in 1932.


Hardback | #200639 | 2012 | Buy Now £89.00 | $147/€112 approx.

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Bestsellers from the NHBS Winter Gift Catalogue 2012

Peter Marren

The first volume of the British Wildlife Collection, Mushrooms, is a remarkable insight into the natural and human world of British fungi by Peter Marren. Written in his own inimitable style, it is a refreshingly candid view of the diversity of fungi and our relationship with this intriguing group, exploring such subjects as as the naming of fungi, their importance in natural ecosystems, fungus forays and our ambivalent attitude to edible fungi, as well as recent efforts to record and conserve vulnerable species.


Hardback | #200196 | 2012 | Buy Now £24.95 | $41/€31 approx.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013 Wall Calendar

This calendar features images from Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Portfolio 22. These are the same winning images as the desk calendar, but in a large format.

Save 20% when you buy Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Portfolio 22 and the wall calendar together!


Calendar | #200546 | 2012 | Buy Now £10.00 £7.99 | $13/€10 approx.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Portfolio 22
Rosamund Kidman Cox

Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Portfolio 22 is the latest memorable collection of images from the prestigious annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Portfolio 22 features all winning and commended photographs from the 2012 competition.

Save 20% when you buy Wildlife Photographer of the Year Portfolio 22 and the wall calendar together!


Hardback | #199453 | 2012 | Buy Now £24.99 | $41/€32 approx.

Insect Photography: Art and Techniques
John Bebbington

Insect photography is a challenging and stimulating art. Well-shot images give stunning results, which can aid study and enhance enjoyment of the natural world. This practical book explains how to reliably take those photographs. Through introducing insects and their behaviour, it advises on when and how to see nature at work and, by instructing on techniques, it shows how to capture the moment to dramatic effect.


Paperback | #196452 | 2012 | Buy Now £16.99 | $28/€21 approx.

Owls of the World: A Photographic Guide
Heimo Mikkola

Having trouble separating your scops from your screech owls, Tengmalm's from tawny owl or collared and spotted owlets? Then this is the book for you. Owls of the World is the ultimate photographic resource dedicated to the identification of these charismatic, largely nocturnal birds of prey.


Hardback | #198540 | 2012 | Buy Now £39.99 | $66/€50 approx.

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20% off Oxford University Press ecology books - sale ends today 30/11/2012

Dispersal Ecology and Evolution
Jean Clobert, Michel Baguette, Tim G Benton and James M Bullock

Now that so many ecosystems face rapid and major environmental change, the ability of species to respond to these changes by dispersing or moving between different patches of habitat can be crucial to ensuring their survival. Understanding dispersal has become key to understanding how populations may persist.


Paperback | #196874 | 2012 | Buy Now £39.95 | $66/€50 approx.

Ecological Speciation
Patrick Nosil

The origin of biological diversity, via the formation of new species, can be inextricably linked to adaptation to the ecological environment. Specifically, ecological processes are central to the formation of new species when barriers to gene flow (reproductive isolation) evolve between populations as a result of ecologically-based divergent natural selection.


Paperback | #194876 | 2012 | Buy Now £32.50 | $54/€41 approx.

Island Biogeography: Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation
Robert J Whittaker and José María Fernández-Palacios

Island biogeography is the study of the distribution and dynamics of species in island environments. Due to their isolation from more widespread continental species, islands are ideal places for unique species to evolve, but they are also places of concentrated extinction. Not surprisingly, they are widely studied by ecologists, conservationists and evolutionary biologists alike.


Paperback | #159809 | 2006 | Buy Now £42.50 | $70/€54 approx.

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More new arrivals this month

Identifying Animals: All Vertebrates of France, Benelux, Great Britain and Ireland / Tout les Vertébrés de France, Benelux, Grande-Bretagne et Irlande
Biotope, Michel Geniez, Gérard Delenclos and Vincent Gavériaux

Identifying animals - All Vertebrates of France, Benelux, Great Britain and Ireland is a bilingual guide that should always be kept within easy reach! The book allows accurate and easy identification of 640 vertebrate species: all birds, mammals (including cetaceans and bats), reptiles, amphibians and freshwater fish found in France, the Benelux and the British isles.


Paperback | #201240 | 2012 | Buy Now £23.99 | $40/€30 approx.

Keys to the Adults of Seed and Leaf Beetles of Britain and Ireland
David Hubble

The chrysomelids include a number of species of popular interest, either because of their attractive metallic coloration or status as pests in farms and gardens. Keys to the Adults of Seed and Leaf Beetles covers the adults of the Chrysomelidae (277 species including the Bruchinae, previously considered a family rather than subfamily), Orsodacnidae (2 species, previously placed in the Chrysomelidae) and Megalopodidae (3 species, also previously in the Chrysomelidae).


Paperback | #202501 | 2012 | Buy Now £9.99 | $17/€13 approx.

Habitats Directive: A Developer's Obstacle Course?
Gregory Jones

Biodiversity within the European Union is under threat. Almost a quarter of Europe's vascular plant species and 155 species of its native mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians are threatened with extinction. The Habitats Directive imposes a strict regime for environmental protection.


Hardback | #202610 | 2012 | Buy Now £61.99 £56.99 | $94/€72 approx.

Birds and Habitat: Relationships in Changing Landscapes
Robert J Fuller

The successful conservation of bird species relies upon our understanding of their habitat use and requirements. In the coming decades the importance of such knowledge will only grow as climate change, the development of new energy sources and the needs of a growing human population intensify the, already significant, pressure on the habitats that birds depend on.


Paperback | #199328 | 2012 | Buy Now £39.99 | $66/€50 approx.

The Annotated and Illustrated Double Helix
James D Watson, Alexander AF Gann and Jan Witkowski

Published to mark the 50th anniversary of the Nobel Prize for Watson and Crick's discovery of the structure of DNA, an annotated and illustrated edition of this classic book gives new insights into the personal relationships between James Watson, Frances Crick, Maurice Wilkins, and Rosalind Franklin, and the making of a scientific revolution.


Hardback | #201887 | 2012 | Buy Now £19.99 | $33/€25 approx.

The Evolution of Primate Societies
John C Mitani, Josep Call, Peter M Kappeler, Ryne A Palombit and Joan B Silk

In 1987, the University of Chicago Press published Primate Societies, the standard reference in the field of primate behavior for an entire generation of students and scientists. But in the twenty-five years since its publication, new theories and research techniques for studying the Primate order have been developed, debated, and tested, forcing scientists to revise their understanding of our closest living relatives.


Paperback | #199042 | 2012 | Buy Now £34.99 | $58/€44 approx.

Wild Town: Wildlife on your doorstep
Mike Dilger

Wild Town takes you on an amazing journey through the secret world of wildlife in Britain's towns and cities. With eye-catching photography, fascinating facts, and details on the locals as well as some unexpected visitors, this is the ultimate urban safari!


Paperback | #199289 | 2012 | Buy Now £12.99 | $21/€16 approx.

Polar Bears: The Natural History of a Threatened Species
Ian Stirling

No animal is more symbolic of the Arctic than the Polar Bear. In the short space of 150,000 years, it has undergone behavioural and physiological changes to evolve from a grizzly bear into the most specialised predator of the Arctic sea ice. Yet, its survival is now threatened by global warming. Renowned polar bear scientist Ian Stirling compresses 40 years of research on these iconic mammals into a new and comprehensive natural history.


Paperback | #202387 | 2012 | Buy Now £24.99 | $41/€32 approx.

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Forthcoming highlights: Dec/Jan

The R Book
Michael J Crawley

The R language is recognized as one of the most powerful and flexible statistical software packages, enabling users to apply many statistical techniques that would be impossible without such software to help implement such large data sets. R has become an essential tool for understanding and carrying out research.


Hardback | #202785 | 2012 | Buy Now £59.99 | $99/€76 approx.

The Natural History of Canadian Mammals
Donna Naughton, Paul Geraghty, Julius Csotonyi and Brenda Carter

A Northern pocket gopher can dig an amazing half a metre of tunnel through compacted clay soil in just 15 minutes. North American beavers, along with humans, are the only mammals whose impact on their environment is so massive that it can be clearly seen with the naked eye from outer space.


Hardback | #202270 | 2012 | Buy Now £48.99 | $81/€62 approx.

Dionaea: The Venus's Flytrap
Tim Bailey and Stewart McPherson

The first complete monograph of Dionaea muscipula, the world famous "Venus's Flytrap". Described by Charles Darwin as "the most amazing plant in the world", this unmistakable insect-eating plant produces leaves that bear jaw-like lobes that dramatically snap shut when triggered. Native to only a small part of North and South Carolina, Dionaea is the most iconic plant of the United States and all of the Americas, yet it often remains misunderstood.


Hardback | #202407 | 2013 | Buy Now £27.99 | $46/€35 approx.

The Dodo and the Solitaire: A Natural History
Jolyon C Parish

This is the most comprehensive book to date on these two famously extinct birds. It contains all the known contemporary accounts and illustrations of the dodo and solitaire, covering their history after extinction and discussing their ecology, classification, phylogenetic placement, and evolution.


Hardback | #194228 | 2012 | Buy Now £46.99 | $78/€59 approx.

Africa: Eye to Eye With the Unknown
Michael Bright and Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough CBE and the award-winning BBC Natural History Unit embark on a landmark new series, painting a breathtaking portrait of Africa as never before caught on film. This lavish and unmissable companion to the BBC1 series reveals the undiscovered side of Africa's five unique regions.


Hardback | #199962 | 2012 | Buy Now £24.99 £17.99 | $30/€23 approx.

Kenya: A Natural History
Stephen Spawls and Glenn Matthews

For its size, Kenya probably has the most diverse range of habitats of any country in Africa, if not the world. Within its borders there are alpine peaks, montane forests, high plateaux, savannas, lowland forests, coastal woodlands and wetlands, and a string of varied lakes in the Great Rift Valley.


Hardback | #194955 | 2013 | Buy Now £49.99 £45.00 | $74/€57 approx.

The Snowy Owl
Eugene Potapov, Richard Sale and Jackie Garner

The snowy owl - possibly the world's sexiest bird - needs little introduction. This massive white owl breeds throughout the Arctic, wherever there are voles or lemmings to hunt, from Scandinavia through northern Russia to Canada and Greenland. Southerly movements in winter see North American birds travel as far south as the northern United States, while infrequent vagrants on the Shetlands and other northern isles are a magnet for birders.


Hardback | #194881 | 2013 | Buy Now £49.99 £44.99 | $74/€57 approx.

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Current bestselling books at NHBS

Birds of Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan
Raffael Ayé, Manuel Schweizer, Tobias Roth, Dave Nurney, Per Alström, Adam Bowley, Carl D'Silva, Kim Franklin, John Gale, Alan Harris, Ren Hathway, Christopher Schmidt, Brian E Small, Jan Wilczur, Tim Worfolk, Martin Woodcock and Arend Wassink

Birds of Central Asia is the first field guide to include the former Soviet republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, along with neighbouring Afghanistan. This vast area includes a diverse variety of habitats, and the avifauna is similarly broad, from sandgrouse, ground jays and larks on the vast steppe and semi-desert to a broad range of raptors, and from woodland species such as warblers and nuthatches to a suite of montane species, such as snowcocks, accentors and snowfinches.


Paperback | #189999 | 2012 | Buy Now £34.99 | $58/€44 approx.

The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds
John Muir Laws and David Allen Sibley

John Muir Laws's guide to drawing birds is itself winged, soaring between a devotion not only to art but also to the lives, forms, and postures of the birds themselves. Here, artistic technique and the exquisite details of natural history intertwine, and drawing becomes the vehicle for seeing. As Laws writes, "To draw feathers, you must understand how feathers grow, overlap, and insert into the body.


Paperback | #202047 | 2012 | Buy Now £20.99 | $35/€26 approx.

Flies: The Natural History and Diversity of Diptera
Stephen A Marshall

Meticulously researched and illustrated with more than 2000 color photographs taken by the author, Flies: The Natural History and Diversity of Diptera is a landmark reference book that will be indispensable to any naturalist, biologist or entomologist.


Hardback | #199278 | 2012 | Buy Now £74.99 | $124/€95 approx.

Birds of Paradise: Revealing the World's Most Extraordinary Birds
Tim Laman and Edwin Scholes

Legendary naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace once observed, "The bird of paradise really deserves its name and must be ranked as one of the most beautiful and most wonderful of living things." In this dazzling photo essay, Tim Laman and Edwin Scholes explain why, presenting gorgeous full-color photographs of all 39 species of the birds of paradise that highlight their unique and extraordinary plumage and mating behavior.


Hardback | #198279 | 2012 | Buy Now £49.99 | $83/€63 approx.

The Genus Amanita in Great Britain
Geoffrey Kibby

Species of the genus Amanita include some of the most striking and beautiful members of our forest and downland mycota. Often large in size and with bright colours they have long fascinated mycologists and non-mycologists alike. That some species are delicious edibles while others produce deadly toxins only adds to their glamour.


Paperback | #199552 | 2012 | Buy Now £16.50 | $27/€21 approx.

The Profit of Birding
Bryan Bland

Author Bryan Bland has led thousands of birding tours to more than 70 countries. On one such trip a bemused waiter once posed the question: "Where is the profit in birding?" Bryan is famed as one of birding's greatest story-tellers, and he uses his book to answer this question emphatically. In short, there's more to birding than just birds, although these clearly provide a great deal of interest and pleasure.


Hardback | #196869 | 2012 | Buy Now £14.99 | $25/€19 approx.

Snow Leopard: Stories from the Roof of the World
Don Hunter and Robert Bateman

Like no other large cat, the snow leopard evokes a sense of myth and mysticism, strength and spirit shrouded in a snowy veil, seldom seen but always present. Giving a voice to the snow leopard, this collection of powerful first person accounts from an impressive cadre of scientist-adventurers grants readers a rare glimpse of this elusive cat and the remarkable lives of those personally connected to its future. These Stories from the Roof of the World resonate with adventure, danger, discovery, and most importantly hope for this magnificent big cat.


Hardback | #201465 | 2012 | Buy Now £23.99 | $40/€30 approx.
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