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Polar Bears in Northwest Greenland: An Interview Survey about the Catch and the Climate

Erik W Born, Anna Heilmann, Lene Kielsen Holm and Kristin L Laidre
232 pages, Col & b/w figs, tabs
Hardback | Feb 2011 | #186946 | ISBN-13: 9788763531689
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The rationale for this survey was the indication from hunting statistics, satellite telemetry and second-hand reports that the catch of polar bears in Northwest Greenland had increased since the early 1990s simultaneously with marked changes in weather conditions, sea ice cover and glaciers. Building on information provided by seventy-two polar bear hunters living in Qaanaaq and Upernavik, this volume offers important discussions about polar bear biology, polar bear catch, climate change, and the effect of these changes on the polar bears and the catch. The survey also presents the demography of the catch of polar bears in the area during 1952-2005, described on the basis of 588 catches.

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