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Reptile Medicine and Surgery

Douglas R Mader
1242 pages, Figs, tabs, b/w photos
Hardback | Dec 2005 | Edition: 2 | #135325 | ISBN: 072169327X
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Greatly expanded new edition of the first complete reference to the symptons, diagnosis, treatments, and management of the full range of reptilian and amphibian medical and surgical conditions. It is intended to be the first reference a clinician turns to for help in solving a clinical dilemma, formulating a diagnosis, developing a therapeutic plan, or looking up a drug dose.

Section 1. Introduction: Adding Reptile Patients to Your Practice. General Husbandry and Management. Reptile Zoonoses and Threats to Public Health. Reference Sources for Reptile Clinicians. Section 2. Biology: Snakes. Lizards. Turtles. Crocodilians. Section 3. Special Topics: Cardiology and Circulations. Dermatology. Microbiology. Neoplasia. Neurology. Nutrition. Ophthalmology. Parasitology. Perinatology of Pet Reptiles. Reproductive Biology. Viral Diseases. Section 4. Special Techniques and Procedures. Allometric Scaling: Extrapolating Treatment Regimens for Reptiles. Anesthesia. Clinical Pathology. Diagnostic Imaging. Diagnostic Techniques. Euthanasia and Necropsy. Fracture Management. Soft Tissue Surgery. Therapeutics. Section 5. Differential Diagnosis By Symptoms: Snakes. Lizards. Turtles. Crocodilians. Section 6. Specific Diseases and Conditions: Acariasis. Anorexia. Aural Abscesses. Bites from Prey. Cloacal Prolapse. Cryptosporidiosis. Diaorrhea. Digit Abnormalities. Dysecdysis. Dystocias. Gout. Hemoparasites. Hypo- And Hypervitaminosis A. Metabolic Bone Disease. Ophidean Paramyxovirus (OPMV). Paraphimosis. Pneumonia and Normal Respiratory Function. Postural Abnormalities. Seizures, Convulsions, Tremors. Shell Damage. Tail Damage. Thermal Burns. Upper Alimentary Tract Disease. Vomiting and Regurgitation. Section 7. Appendix: Sea Turtle Rehabilitation. Amphibian Husbandry and Medicine. Management of Large Reptile Collections. Evaluation of Artificial Lighting. Reptile and Amphibian Formulary. Hematologic and Blood Chemistry Values in Reptiles. Radiographic Anatomy.

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