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Sea Otters of Haida Gwaii: Icons in Human-Ocean Relations

Norm A Sloan (Author), Lyle Dick (Author)
184 pages, colour photos, colour & b/w illustrations, colour & b/w maps, colour tables
Paperback | Jan 2012 | #209129 | ISBN-13: 9780920651339
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The sea otter is far from the child's cuddly plush toy it so appealing resembles. Is is a scrappy predator living along cold and stormy North Pacific coasts and still in recovery from the folly of overhunting for pelts more than 150 years ago.

Sea Otters of Haida Gwaii is about the iconic species around Haida Gwaii and recounts over two centuries of human history involving wanton overexploration, post-contact catastrophe for the Haida and contemporary reconciliation and restoration. A must read for those interested in the natural history of Haida Gwaii. Commonly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands or the Charlottes, Haida Gwaii is an archipelago on the North Coast of British Columbia, Canada, populated mostly by Haida people.

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