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Stealth Gear One Man Chair Hide M2

As Used By Simon King Springwatch 2008.
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The Stealth Gear One Man Chair Hide integrates a hide and seat giving you the ideal mobile solution. The Stealth Gear One Man Chair Hide is lightweight and very simple to assemble. Get closer to your wildlife subject and be comfortable and protected from the elements.

The M2 series is improved in several ways – there is now storage room on the inside comprising two zipped pockets measuring 15 x 20cm. The quality of the chair construction and the zippers is also improved and the hide now has a handy back window with windowflap, mesh and zipper.

Stealth Gear Hide Camo-Tree Camouflage Pattern
The Camo-Tree camouflage pattern was designed in the UK for UK countryside, this camouflage can be used all year round. Most camouflage patterns are designed in the USA for their countryside but Camo-Tree has been designed by a team of professional wildlife photographers who wanted to get the best camouflage for their working environment.

Features include:

* 4 x Side windows

* Can have front fully open
* Can have small window open on the front
* 4 x Pegs
* Setup in seconds
* Cup holder in chair
* Ideal to be used with monopod or tripod
* Comes with carry backpack
* Heavy-Duty Waterproof Polyester Fabric
* Two inner storage pockets

Click here to read Nick Baker's review of the Stealth Gear One Man Chair Hide on the NHBS Blog.

Check out the You Tube video below for more images of the Stealth Gear One Man Chair Hide

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Height: 1.35m
Base length: 1.1m
Base width: 0.8m
Weight Approx: 5.3kg. (Blind & Chair)
Material: Heavy-Duty Waterproof Polyester Fabric

1 x Stealth Gear One Man Wildlife Photography Camouflage Seat Hide
1 x Carry Backpack
4 x Ground Pegs

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