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Studies on Symbiotic Flagellates from Some Indian Termites

Studies on Symbiotic Flagellates from Some Indian Termites
PK Maiti and P Mukherjee
98 pages, Figs, plates
Paperback | Dec 2007 | #172778 | ISBN-13: 9788181711755
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The present paper deals with a taxonomic study of the Symbiotic Flagellates from some wood-inhabiting termites of the Families Kalotermitidae and Rhinotermitidae from different parts of India. Altogether 48 species of Flagellates recovered from 9 species of termite hosts have been dealt in the present work in detail. Apart from this, keys to these flagellate species based on their morphological features have been incorporated for their easy identification. Further, a systematic list of these flagellates, bibliography, illustrations, tables, etc. are added features of the present contribution.

Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. Material and Methods. 3. Systematic list of symbiotic flagellates recovered from some termites of India. 4. Taxonomic account: i. Genus Oxymonas Janicki. ii. Genus Pyrsonympha Leidy. iii. Genus Dinenympha Leidy. iv. Genus Caduceia Franca. v. Genus Devescovina Foa. vi. Genus Foaina Janicki. vii. Genus Stephanonympha Janicki. viii. Genus Trichomitopsis Honigberg. ix. Genus Holomastigotoides Grassi and Foa. x. Genus Spirotrichonympha Grassi and Foa. xi. Genus Pseudotrichonympha Grassi and Goa. xii. Genus Trichonympha Leidy. xiii. Genus Teranympha Koidzumi. Summary. Acknowledgements. References.

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