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The Beetles of the World, Volume 17: Sternotomini: Sternotomiella, Pinacosterna, Sternoharpya, Anatragus, Anatragoides, Demagogus, Cylindrothorax, Stellognatha, Zographus, Pterochaos, Pseudoharpya, Freadelpha, Geloharpya, Megaloharpya, Sternotomis, Ultiolemur, Pseudolemur

Floras / Faunas
Vincent Allard (Author), Brian Morris (Translated by)
112 pages, 16 plates with colour photos, 3 plates with b/w line drawings
Hardback | Dec 1993 | #26073 | ISBN: 285724600
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Language: Bilingual in English and French

The first volume on the African Longicorn. The plates are very nice and show all the varieties known of one of the most attractive African genera. A new genus, many new species and varieties are described. List of the genera studied: Anatragoides, Anatragus, Cylindrothorax, Demagogus, Freadelpha, Geloharpya, Megaloharpya, Pinacosterna, Pseudoharpya, Pseudolemur, Pterochaos, Stellognatha, Sternoharpya, Sternomiella, Sternotomis, Ultiolemur, and Zographus.

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