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The Ecological Consequences of Environmental Heterogeneity: The 40th Symposium of the British Ecological Society held at the University of Sussex, 23-25 March 1999

Edited By: Michael J Hutchings, Elizabeth A John and Alan JA Stewart
434 pages, Figs, tabs
Hardback | Dec 2000 | #110903 | ISBN: 0632057130
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Paperback | Aug 2000 | #146760 | ISBN: 0521549353
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Output of a Symposium on the Ecological Consequences of Environmental Heterogeneity, held in 1999. It includes discussion of the effects of spatial and temporal heterogeneity on individuals, populations, communities and biodiversity, and of the management and conservation implications of environmental heterogeneity.

1. The world is heterogeneous: ecological consequences of living in a patchy environment A. J. A. Stewart, E. A. John and M. J. Hutchings; 2. Ecological heterogeneity: an ontogeny of concepts and approaches J. A. Wiens; 3. Generation of heterogeneity by organisms: creation, maintenance and transformation S. T. A. Pickett, M. L. Cadenasso and C. G. Jones; 4. Heterogeneity, diversity and scale in plant communities S. D. Wilson; 5. Plant response to patchy soils A. Fitter, A. Hodge and D. Robinson; 6. The effects of heterogeneous nutrient supply on plant performance: a survey of responses, with special reference to clonal herbs M. J. Hutchings, D. K. Wijesinghe and E. A. John; 7. Plant competition in spatially heterogeneous environments B. B. Casper, J. F. Cahill Jr and R. B. Jackson; 8. Light heterogeneity in tropical rain forests: photosynthetic responses and their ecological consequences J. R. Watling and M. C. Press; 9. Heterogeneity in plant quality and its impact on the population ecology of insect herbivores M. D. Hunter, R. E. Forkner and J. N. McNeil; 10. Foraging ecology of animals in response to heterogeneous environments J. S. Brown; 11. Habitat heterogeneity and the behavioural and population ecology of host-parasitoid interactions H. C. J. Godfray, C. B. Muller and A. R. Kraaijeveld; 12. The effects of heterogeneity on dispersal and colonization in plants M. Rees, M. Mangel, L. Turnbull, A. Sheppard and D. Briese; 13. Genetic variation and adaptation in tree populations D. H. Boshier and M. R. Billingham; 14. Food webs and resource sheds: towards spatially delimiting trophic interactions M. E. Power and W. E. Rainey; 15. Habitat destruction and extinctions: predictions from metapopulation models C. Dytham; 16. Environmental heterogeneity and species survival in degraded tropical landscapes R. T. Corlett; 17. Ecological experiments in farmland conservation D. W. Macdonald, R. E. Feber, F. H. Tattersall and P. J. Johnson; 18. Environmental heterogeneity: the effects on plants in restoration ecology J. P. Bakker; 19. Concluding remarks: a review of some open questions J. H. Lawton.

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Professor Hutchings is at the University of Sussex. Dr. Elizabeth John is at the University of Sussex. Dr. Alan Stewart is at the University of Sussex

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