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The Economic Importance of Insects

DS Hill
395 pages, Figs, tabs
Hardback | Dec 1996 | #41654 | ISBN: 0412498006
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Presents a broad look at insects and their relationships to humans and human activities. The entire field of applied entomology is covered and both insect and mite pests are presented in medical, veterinary, domestic and agricultural contexts. The many benefits of insects to humans are also emphasized, especially their value as plant pollinators and as biocontrol agents which keep so many pest populations suppressed.

An excellent text and reference book for students and entomologists and natural historians.' ASLIB Book Guide

Beneficial aspects: pollination; apiculture; sericulture; insect farming; natural control of pests; biological control of pests; insects in natural food webs; insects as human food; miscellaneous. Pest definitions: definintions; development of pest status. Damage done by Insecta and Acarina: indirect damage; direct damage; host vulnerability; damage assessment. Harmful insects: medical pests; veterinary pests; household and stored products pests; agricultural pests; forestry pests. Insect pest control: legislation; physical methods; cultural control; breeding/genetic methods; biological control (biocontrol).

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