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The Symbol: Wall Lizards of Ibiza and Formentera: El Símbolo: Las Lagartijas de Ibiza y Formentera / Il Simbolo: Le Lucertole di Ibiza e Formentera / Das Wahrzeichen: Die Eidechsen von Ibiza und Formentera

Nathan Dappen (Author), Neil Losin (Author), Yalentín Pérez-Mellado (Author), Camilla Saccardi (Translated by), Claudia Corti (Translated by), Brigitte Mauel (Translated by)
128 pages, colour photos
Paperback | Aug 2013 | #207686
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Language: multilingual in English, German, Spanish and Italian

The Symbol: Wall Lizards of Ibiza and Formentera is the first ever book about the Ibiza wall lizard – the symbol of Spain's Pityusic islands. Through breathtaking photography and knowledge based on decades of scientific research, the authors will take you into lives of this amazing reptile like never before. What makes this colorful lizard so special? The Symbol will take you on a beautiful journey into the culture, biology, ecology, evolution and conservation of Ibiza and Formentera's most iconic animal.

Customer Reviews:

Symbolic and Stunning Lizards
by Jackson D. Shedd in the United States (2013-08-19)

This work was beautifully executed! There is a definite need for more efforts like The Symbol combining art and science to convey the amazing color polymorphism, behavioral biology and evolution of the lizard world!


"[...] our expectations have been vastly exceeded. In a word, the book is fabulous [...] At first pass, what grabs attention are the photographs, which are amazing. Of course, with a resplendent species like Podarcis pityusensis to work with, the Day’s Edge team had good material with which to work, but they’ve made the most of it. The photos are lustrous, exquisite, sharp and beautifully framed. [...] Yet, the book also holds value to the seasoned herpetologist. The discussion of the biology of this species is thorough and first-rate, and the photos capture in unusually vivid detail many important aspects of their ecology and behavior."

– Professor Jonathan Losos, Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University. Read the full review here

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