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Garden Insects of North America: The Ultimate Guide to Backyard Bugs

Field / Identification Guide

By: Whitney Cranshaw

656 pages, 1400 col photos

Princeton University Press

Paperback | Dec 2004 | #147730 | ISBN: 0691095612
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Hardback | Dec 2004 | #150237 | ISBN: 0691095604
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About this book

Describes 1420 species associated with shade trees and shrubs, turfgrass, flowers and ornamental plants, vegetables and fruits. To ease identification, the book is organized by plant area affected (e.g., foliage, flowers, stems) and within that, by taxa. The text provides basic information on host plants, characteristic damage, distribution, life history and habits. Multiple photos of various life stages and typical plant symptoms are included for key species.

An impressive, encyclopedic guide to identifying everything from acorn weevils to zebra caterpillars. Understanding the way gardeners think, Cranshaw has logically organized the information according to the type of damage inflicted... Methods of controlling insect populations, in-depth discussions of beneficial insects, a comprehensive at-a-glance appendix of common plant-insect associations, and more than 1,400 color photos make this a marvel among insect identification manuals. Booklist Know thine enemy,' a time-worn caveat lifted from Sun-tzu's treatise, The Art of War, is sage advice for the organic gardener hoping to emerge victorious in the battle of the bugs. Acquiring such knowledge has just become easier with the release of Garden Insects of North America... [Cranshaw] has packed his book with concise, organized information on all the common and not-so-common insect pests of turf, orchards and gardens in North America. The overwhelming emphasis is on recognizing and categorizing the insects themselves, using appearance, type of destructive damage encountered and target food hosts as clues... With detailed, high-quality photographic plates conveniently adjacent to the standardized insect descriptions, identification of suspected insect enemies is straightforward. -- Jack Aldridge San Francisco Chronicle An exceptionally well organized and complete text on garden insects... Almost every insect is illustrated, with well over 1,000 full-color photographs showing them in various life cycle stages. Its very simple but complete explanations, diagrams and photographs make this the best reference I have read for diagnosing virtually all insect problems. It will make you the neighborhood entomologist. -- Joel M. Lerner The Washington Post If you've ever wondered what's eating your garden besides yourself and the woodchuck, this is the book for you. I know that sometime this summer I will carry a bug of some sort into the house to identify it in this volume. And I know that I'll lose at least an hour looking at photographs of all the other bugs that might lie hidden in the herbage. -- Verlyn Klinkenborg New York Times Book Review [Cranshaw is] an entomologist with perhaps a skewed affection for all kinds of bugs, but no one will argue with his desire to demystify insects and their world so that people understand better whether and how to react to a problem, and to enjoy this Lilliputian drama. -- Adrian Higgins The Washington Post An impressive garden reference that doubles as a field guide. Wherever you live in North America, your insects are included her... The more than 1,400 color pictures of insects and their damage are truly impressive and will be invaluable in helping readers track down the culprits of their plant injury... This wonderful reference will certainly become a classic... Whether you are a professional or a home gardening enthusiast, this is an indispensable reference. -- Jeffrey Hahn The American Gardener Garden Insects is destined to become the new bible for horticulturalists and home gardeners alike. I've added it to the few books I keep close at hand while I am in the garden. Luckily, Garden Insects is also an exceptionally well-made paperback with water-resistant cover and 656 pages that fall open without cracking the spine and stay open without having to balance a rock on top. At $29.95, it's a bargain. -- Patricia Jonas Plants and Garden News Insects are the most diverse and widely distributed life-forms on the planet. Gardens, and the diverse gardeners that tend them, are similarly widely distributed. Succinctly capturing this diversity, Cranshaw has constructed a lucid and well-illustrated text to allow gardeners to identify insects they encounter... Breadth of synthesis, high quality, and effective formatting justify this work as a valuable addition to the popular literature. Choice A must-have reference for any gardener. San Francisco Chronicle Cranshaw has produced a wonderful guide whether the reader is interested in understanding, managing, or just observing theses insects. Identification is the very first step in the process of opening the door of appreciation, and this book is the key. Biology Digest


PREFACE xi ACKNOWLEDGMENTS xiii PHOTOGRAPHIC CREDITS xv CHAPTER ONE: Introduction to Garden Insects and Their Relatives 1 Metamorphosis 2 Hexapod Orders 4 Identification of Immature Stages of Arthropods 6 Excreted and Secreted Products Useful in Diagnosing Garden Arthropods and Slugs 12 Body Parts Useful in Diagnosing Garden Arthropods 14 Fruit and Foliage Injuries Produced by Arthropods and Slugs 16 Plant Pathogens Transmitted by Arthropods 24 CHAPTER TWO: Management Principles for Some Garden Pests 26 Leaf Chewers and Leafminers 26 Flower, Fruit, and Seed Feeders 31 Sap Suckers 35 Gall Makers 41 Stem, Twig, Branch, and Trunk Damagers 41 Root, Tuber, and Bulb Feeders 43 Miscellaneous Garden Insects 45 CHAPTER THREE: Leaf Chewers 48 Slugs and Snails 48 Grasshoppers 52 Crickets and Katydids 56 Walkingsticks 60 Earwigs 62 Ants 64 Leafcutter Bees 70 Conifer Sawflies 72 Common Sawflies 76 Slug Sawflies 82 Other Sawflies 84 Webworms 86 Sod Webworms 92 Diamondback Moth 94 Leafrollers 96 Spruce Budworms 104 Skippers 106 Webspinning Sawflies 108 Skeletonizers 110 Tent Caterpillars 112 Gypsy Moth 116 Fall Webworm 118 Tussock Moths and Tiger Moths 120 Woollybears 126 Cankerworms, Spanworms, and Inchworms 128 Cutworms and Armyworms 134 Loopers 144 Hornworms/Sphinx Moths 146 Prominent Moths 150 Giant Silkworms/Royal Moths 154 Slug Caterpillars/Flannel Moths 158 Bagworms 160 Casebearers 162 Whites and Sulfurs 166 Swallowtails 168 Brushfooted Butterflies 172 Blister Beetles 176 Leaf Beetles 178 Flea Beetles 198 Mexican Bean Beetle 202 CHAPTER FOUR: Leafminers 204 Leafmining Flies 204 Leafmining Sawflies 210 Leafmining Moths 212 Leafmining Beetles 220 CHAPTER FIVE: Flower, Fruit, and Seed Feeders 222 Flower Thrips 222 True Bugs That Feed on Flowers, Fruits, and Seeds 224 Stink Bugs 228 Other Seed-Feeding Bugs 230 Fruit Flies 234 Yellowjackets and Hornets 242 Caterpillars That Damage Flowers, Fruits, and Seeds 246 Fruit-Infesting Sawflies 266 Fruit- and Flower-Infesting Beetles 268 Sap Beetles and Other Fruit-Damaging Beetles 272 Fruit, Flower, and Seed Weevils 276 CHAPTER SIX: Sap Suckers 284 Whiteflies 284 Psyllids 290 Aphids 296 "Woolly" Aphids 310 Adelgids 314 Mealybugs 316 Eriococcids, or Feltlike Scales 324 Cochineal Scales 326 Soft Scales 328 Margarodid Scales 340 Kermes, Pit, and Falsepit Scales 342 Armored Scales 344 Leafhoppers 356 Treehoppers 366 Spittlebugs 368 Squash Bug 372 Plant Bugs 374 Chinch Bugs 378 Stink Bugs 382 Lace Bugs 384 Thrips 386 Spider Mites 392 Tarsonemid Mites 402 False Spider Mites 404 Rust Mites 404 CHAPTER SEVEN: Gall Makers 408 Aphid Galls 408 Adelgid Galls 410 Phylloxeran Galls 412 Psyllid Galls 414 Gall-Making Flies 418 Gall Wasps 424 Eriophyid Mite Galls 430 CHAPTER EIGHT: Stem and Twig Damagers 434 Cicadas 434 Pine Tip Moths 438 Other Conifer-Tip-Boring Moths 440 Stem-Boring Moths of Deciduous Trees and Shrubs 442 Stem-Boring Sawflies 446 Pith-Nesting Bees and Wasps 448 Weevil Borers of Terminal Growth 450 Twig-Feeding Beetles 452 Twig-Boring Flies 458 CHAPTER NINE: Trunk and Branch Borers 460 Horntails 460 Clearwing Borers 462 Carpenterworms 468 Pyralid Borers 470 Noctuid Borers 472 Metallic Wood Borers/Flatheaded Borers 474 Longhorned Beetles/Roundheaded Borers 480 Weevil Borers 488 Bark Beetles 490 CHAPTER TEN: Root, Tuber, and Bulb Feeders 500 Pillbug and Sowbugs 500 Millipedes 502 Symphylans 502 Springtails 504 Root Aphids and Other Sucking Insects 506 Bulb Mites 508 Termites 510 Mole Crickets 512 Root Maggots and Bulb Flies 514 White Grubs 524 Root Weevils 532 Billbugs 540 Wireworms 542 CHAPTER ELEVEN: Beneficial Garden Arthropods 544 Predators 544 Parasites 564 Pathogens 568 Pollinators 572 APPENDIX OF HOST PLANT GENERA AND ASSOCIATED INSECTS AND MITES 577 GLOSSARY 629 SELECTED REFERENCES 637 INDEX 639

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Whitney Cranshaw is Professor and Extension Specialist at Colorado State University, responsible for developing pest management programs for insect pests of horticultural crops. He is the author of two popular books, "Pests of the West" and "Bagging Big Bugs".

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