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NHBS 125W MV Robinson Moth Trap

Affordable trap design with professional electrics
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About this product

Please note: as of mid-April 2015 all types of Mercury Vapour (MV) bulb started to be phased out as part of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS). There is limited stock in the UK left of Mercury Vapour bulbs and so although replacement bulbs will be available for a couple of years, we would advise purchasing a moth trap with an actinic bulb if you are considering long term use. This ban is designed to phase out less efficient lamps such as MV so it does not affect actinic bulbs as used in some of our moth traps.


This trap is as affordable as we can make it for those looking to buy a Robinson moth trap. The trap has been reduced from approximately 60cm to 50cm in diameter, making it slightly more portable but with a smaller catchment area. However, the cone area and electrics are the same as other Robinson models so attraction and retention rates should be identical. The trap features a thick black plastic body and collar which are UV stable, so should last for many years.

The trap comes complete with 125W electrics with integrated capacitors, housed in an IP56 waterproof box. There are 5 metres of input cable and 80cm of output cable. For use with a 240V mains electrics supply or portable generator. The cone features flight interception baffles and a robust rain guard for the mercury vapour bulb. The mercury vapour bulb is included with the trap. Mercury vapour bulbs offer the highest catch rates, and with the proven Robinson design, this trap will have no problems attracting and retaining high numbers of moths.

The trap includes:
* Black plastic catchment area
* Black plastic collar
* White plastic cone with integrated flight interception baffles
* Sturdy rain guard
* 125W Mercury Vapour bulb
* 240V electrics (fully wired up) for use with mains supply or generator

A spare/replacement bulb can also be purchased for use with this trap.

If you're unsure which Robinson moth trap to choose or would like to know how to get the most from your trap then check out our Guide to Robinson Moth Traps.



* Diameter: 50 cm
* Full height when assembled: 50 cm
* Weight: 6kg




125w Mercury Vapour Bulb

A replacement bulb for your NHBS Robinson Trap

NHBS Price: £11.99 inc VAT $15/€13 approx

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