SM2+ Ultrasonic Microphone (SMX-US)

Manufacturer: Wildlife Acoustics

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SMX-U1 Ultrasonic Microphone

More sensitive upgrade including the Knowles FG microphone

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About this product

Please note: The SMX-US microphone has now been replaced with the SMX-U1 microphone. We will be able to get replacement SMX-US microphones if you need them for EM3+ external microphones or to provide continuity but please be aware that stocks are limited.

This SMX-US ultrasonic microphone is a weatherproof, economical and capable omnidirectional microphone which will detect ultrasound from a radius of 360°. It is designed for the recording of bat calls and is for use with the SM2BAT+

The microphone utilises a foam windscreen and a hydrophobic membrane which, together, work to protect the microphone element from the ingress of moisture. It is sensitive from 15kHz to 160kHz and can be either connected directly to the Song Meter or attached to extension cables allowing recording up to 100m away from the unit. The SMX-US can also be used with the EM3+ when combined with an external microphone adapter

Please note: This is not the Acoustic microphone for use with the SM2 Terrestrial Acoustic Package.


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All-round EM3+ microphone for active and passive (
By Michael 16 Apr 2014 Confirmed Purchase

You would think that most of the full spectrum recorders have an external microphone connector but surprisingly this is often not the case. The feature packed Echo Meter EM3+ fortunately has such a connector and what is even better is that NHBS included the optional microphones and microphone cables and connectors in the “accessories” section of the Echo Meter EM3+ Bat Detector product page so they could not have made it easier for you to start exploring the possibilities of an extra microphone.

Only a week after buying the EM3+ I ordered the Ultrasonic Microphone (SMX-US) and the EM3 External Microphone Adapter needed to connect the mike to the EM3+. Having the external microphone I could leave the EM3+ detector in a dry place and let the microphone at some distance away record the bats that fly outside. I’m lucky enough to have pipistrelles flying around my house so this is what I did: I built the external SMX-US mike at 30 degrees downward into an open nest box like construction that I hung outside against the wall with the microphone being connected to the EM3+ in my kitchen. I configured the EM3+ so it goes into scheduled recording mode from 21.00-06.00. Every morning I have (many) dozens of new recordings to enjoy and I have come across pip social calls that I’m sure are pretty special. These recordings also prove to me that the SMX-US microphone is excellent. Also in the EM3+ monitoring modes the SMX-US brings crispness, low noise and an acoustic dynamic that is quite remarkable. Needless to say that if I want to use the EM3+ away from home I only have to disconnect the external microphone jack from the microphone connector and take the EM3+ with me.

A small investment (microphone + adapter) basically gives you the bat logging options that the very expensive detectors have with the added bonus that unlike those detectors the EM3+ can record in both full spectrum and zero crossing. Even when not in use in a setup similar to the one I just described the external microphone connector and extra microphone provide a backup system should the internal microphone fail, something that is worth considering buying your next detector.

A detail not mentioned online or in the manual: when you do connect an external microphone the internal microphone of the EM3+ is ‘shut off’. You can’t record using the internal and external mike at the same time.

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