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Elekon Batlogger M Bat Detector

Real Time Recording with integrated GPS and Temperature Loggers

Elekon AG

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About this product

The Batlogger M is a sophisticated bat detector / recorder that comes with its own powerful but user-friendly call analysis software package. Ultrasonic calls (range: 10-150kHz) are recorded with the weatherproof high quality FG Knowles microphone in 16-bit full spectrum to retain details of the amplitude and harmonic structure of the original bat signal that are lost with many other recorders. The new Batlogger M has all the features of the original Batlogger but now also includes the same Super Heterodyne monitoring capabilities of the Elekon Batscanner (via a pair of Sennheiser headphones provided with the unit). The Batlogger M also records the GPS coordinates (via an integrated GPS receiver), and environmental temperature at the time of recording. Different recording settings (scheduled, permanent, or instant), and different trigger thresholds (for call identification) can be set up. The Batlogger M comes in a sturdy foam-padded carrying case, and includes a 16GB Kingston SDHC-card (loaded into the device), a charger, and Sennheiser headphones. As this device is made by a Swiss manufacturer, please note that this charger has a type C Europlug (CEE 7/16) power plug). Recordings are saved on a SDHC-card. The internal battery allows recording over several nights, but for those who want longer autonomous observation and protection against weather influences, a separate set of batteries in a weatherproof case, the Strongbox, is available separately.

The free BatExplorer Software for Windows allows you to manage Batlogger M recordings easily and quickly. You can listen to the recordings, expanded in time and thus in the audible range. Filter and sort to find the relevant data. Import, export and backup features simplify the handling of a large number of recordings. Thanks to the Batlogger's integrated GPS you can also see where calls were recorded. Analysis is easy with BatExplorer because the software automatically detects bat calls and displays them. Customizable spectrogram with zoom and measuring aids facilitate manual species identification whilst BatExplorer also includes computer-aided identification of species with the help of an integrated bat species library (European species). Requires Windows Media Player version 11 or above.

Free software is also available for Mac users (BatScope) to analyse and manage recordings. BatScope allows you to transfer recordings from your Batlogger M to a structured and easily searchable database from where you can view spectrograms and automatically analyse and classify calls to species. It also enables you to cut long recordings into single bat calls. GPS data from the Batlogger M can also be extracted for use with Google Maps/Earth. Requires a minimum of OS X 10.6 and 1 (preferably 2) GB RAM.

The Batlogger M is covered by a 2 year warranty, please note that this does not include the microphone.

Recommended reading:
* Batlogger M User Manual


Customer Reviews:

Batlogger M From Elekon
by Al Milano in the United States (25/04/2013). Read more at

Now, this is a Bat Detector! What a fantastic package. It currently comes standard with:

- A Kingston 16GB (Class 10) memory card.
- Power adapter for charging the built-in, high performance, Lithium battery.
- Sennheiser earphone set, with accessories and carry case.
- A high-quality microphone (the mic is also replaceable).
- A nice, sturdy, black plastic carry case – The case is foam-lined; and keeps the Batlogger and it's accessories safe.
In any case, I'd like to take this opportunity to point out a few things: This kit may be a little more expensive than some others that are currently out there - But, it's easy to see: That what you are investing in, is a very high quality product. The old adage is certainly true here – "You get what you pay for"

The Batlogger M arrived here in the U.S., very quickly, and well packaged. The unit comes equipped with a lot of extras, as standard accessories. Including a great, foam-lined, custom carry case. The Batlogger M fits in the case like a glove. And, it provides an ample amount of protection. The other neat thing about it, is that there's also a bit of extra space in the foam-lined case. I've found it useful for things like: A small weather meter, microphone extension cable, and a small notebook. I've found, that the addition of a microphone extension cable makes the unit even more versatile; and I highly recommend getting one (Elekon even offers one on their Web site).

The next factor that becomes apparent, is the size and shape of the Batlogger itself: It's not square! Yes, someone was "Thinking outside the box" on this one! It's hourglass shape fits very comfortably in the hand (their Batscanner sports the same shape, by the way). At 350 Grams, it's not too heavy either. I also like the built-on, frame of grey rubber armoring, it provides a positive grip in the hand. It also seems to offer a bit of protection from the occasional accidental bump, etc. It features an extremely accurate, built-in GPS system.

In addition, when the unit is updated to the latest firmware (Version 2.2) – It's ultrasonic pick-up range expands. It's able to tune all the way down to 2 kHz (on the low end) and up to 155 kHz (on the high end). The previous firmware version only went down to 15 kHz, and up to 150 kHz. This is excellent for singing insect recordists – like me! Now, one may specifically target many species of singing insects! For example: It can be set for: 2 kHz - 25 kHz when I'm after cricket and katydid recordings. But, for a more relevant example, the unit can be set for: 15 kHz - 65 kHz Which is how I keep the test unit set (for my local bats).

Offering the ability to update firmware on a high end bat recorder is wonderful – Because the manufacturer can always add some great new features!

I believe that this is the best handheld bat detector I've ever had the pleasure of reviewing. I realize this is very high praise. Especially when you consider the World class instruments that I've been fortunate enough to test and review over the years...The reason why I can make such a statement, is: The Batlogger M is sensitive beyond belief! The range at which it can detect and record bats is unprecedented. Yet, at the same time, is almost impervious to man-made and other unwanted noises. I have estimated the "pick-up" range of the unit, and it is often over 50 meters.

The Batlogger M, with it's simple Menu system, is an absolute pleasure to use. It has all of the features one would desire in a bat recorder (and none of the useless ones). It also produces excellent sonograms, as good as those produced by instruments costing thousands of dollars more! The other (somewhat reassuring) factor is, there are other very experienced individuals (Bat Workers, Professionals, and others) - Who have reviewed the Batlogger M, and have come to similar conclusions. There are a couple of fairly well-known Professionals who have chosen it to be their primary bat detector – The only detector they use. And, they are not the only ones...

This bat detecting system is particularly well-suited for unattended monitoring/recording of bat activity. It's proven to be really excellent for my nightly recordings; during this test period. The included AC power adapter, effectively removes any concern of running out of battery power (if you have access to a mains power outlet). While on the subject of power: I really like the fact, that the unit is powered by a built-in, Li-Ion battery (3.7 V 4600 mAh). No AA's to re-charge!

I'm very fond of the display on the Batlogger M; and the way it constantly changes and updates it's current status. While detecting bats, it is calculating/indicating the peak frequency. It then displays the peak frequency of the last bat call recorded. Very nice! It's undoubtedly, the most aesthetically pleasing display I've seen. It looks really cool! The brightness is also fully adjustable. Some additional Pro's and Con's:

- Built-in Li-ion battery, provides long up-time even in low temperatures.
- Incredible sensitivity / Able to create good recordings of bats at great distances.
- The most pertinent information is constantly displayed.

- The stock microphone is not weather or waterproof. Although, Elekon does offer two models of (optional) microphones that are.

When a new bat detector arrives for me to review: One of the main things, that I always look for, is it's ability to detect bats at good distances. It just happens to be one of my major interests, as far as performance goes. It always has been my favorite "yardstick" in measuring performance. In years past, I didn't have access to the excellent locations that I do now (some perfect habitats are among them). Therefore, the majority of my bat detecting was done from home – a passive (overnight) monitoring situation. So, the ability to pick up bats at greater and greater distances became important to me.

And, I suppose old habits are hard to break... The point is, The Batlogger M is able to detect and record bats, from greater distances than any other device I've ever tested. It's as simple as that. And I am well pleased.

In a side-by-side comparison, with the AnaBat SD2: During the course of one evening – The Batlogger M consistently picked up and recorded bat calls, while the AnaBat did not. In this particular case, the bats were at a distance of over 45 meters. I believe these results are very telling!

Happy bat detecting!


* Size (W x L x D): 80 x 155 x 38mm
* Weight: 350g
* Size of case (W x L x D): 330 x 280 x 75mm

* Power supply: 3.7 V 4600mAh Li-Ion-battery
* Power consumption when recording: approx. 230mA
* Power consumption in sleep-mode: approx. 10mA
* Operating time when recording: approx. 18h per battery charge
* Operating time in sleep-mode: approx. 400h per battery charge

Charger / Charging:
* Charger (included): Wall power supply 12 V DC (NOTE: charger has a type C Europlug [CEE 7/16] power plug)
* Charging socket (voltage, capacity): 9 V DC to 15 V DC, min. 5 W
* Battery charge: I-/U-charge with 750 mA / 4.2 V
* Charging duration: approx. 7h

* Sampling Rate: 312.5kHz
* Amplitude resolution: 16 bits (ADC)
* Sensitivity range: 10 - 150kHz
* Trigger Modes: Manual, Continuous, FFT-Crest, Period
* FFT-Trigger: 4 parameters (Crest / RMS / High Pass / Peak)
* Period Trigger: 2 parameters (ProdVal / DivVal)
* Recording duration after trigger: 0 - 53.5s @ 312.5kHz SR
* Recording duration before trigger: 0 - 53.5s @ 312.5kHz SR
* Recording duration with manual trigger: 0 - 53.5s @ 312.5kHz SR
* Recording duration with continuous trigger: 0 - 53.5s @ 312.5kHz SR
* Programmable time intervals: 2 per day

Additional measurements:
* Positioning: GPS (coordinates/times)
* GPS - mode: on / off
* Temperature of environment: Resolution 1°C, internal

Data storage:
* Storage media: SD-, SDHC-cards (SD 2.0), max. 32GB, SDXC cards max 128GB (with latest firmware when card is formatted to FAT32 in the Batlogger)
* Length of single "call"-sequences: 0 - ca. 50 s per File @ 312.5 kHz SR
* Recordings per GigaByte: approx. 25 min (real time)
* Type of microphone: Elektret mikrophone, plug-in type

* Data transfer: SD-, SDHC memory card
* File formats: .wav and .xml
* Audio output: Headphones (3.5mm mini jack)
* Time expansion: Factor 1 - 20 (Pitch)



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Power Options

Elekon Strongbox (protective case with integrated batteries for long-term surveillance using the Batlogger Bat Detector) 1 power cell (45 h)

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Reviews (1)

Taking your bat detecting to the next level!
By Michael 27 Apr 2014 Confirmed Purchase

The other review I found online fails to do justice to the brilliance of the Batlogger concept. Without the software you have a nice Swiss made, state of the art, full spectrum recording, heterodyne autotuning, highly sensitive bat call, time, temperature and GPS logging device (ok, that is already a quite impressive list) but combine this with the accompanying (free!) BatExplorer software and you’ll transform yourself from a bat detecting amateur into a bat detecting army, paintbrushing bat observations on hitherto unmarked territory. In Europe it is emerging as the de facto standard for bat (distribution) mapping with the added advantage that every observation is backed up by a full spectrum recording (+ time/gps/temp xml file) so as to facilitate independent verification of any (contentious/uncommon) find. The software allows you to review the recorded bat calls in time expansion and in heterodyne mode, in essence giving you the best of both worlds. The European species identification is not perfect (no such software exists at this time) but it will help you make a decision allowing you to compare your recordings with reference recordings from within the software. With some experience you will reduce the non-bat recordings due to the highly sensitive FG black microphone but a sizeable percentage still will remain. However in the BatExplorer software you will quickly learn to discern useless recordings based on their spectrograms and you will swiftly proceed to the many, many excellent bat call recordings. The whole process of reviewing your recordings using the BatExplorer is highly rewarding because thanks to the satellite view showing where your recordings took place and the instant playback of those recordings you relive your last night’s excursion as no other hardware/software platform can. Be prepared to see your (say) four hour bat detecting exploit (still getting a good night’s sleep) return HUNDREDS of valid observations assuming you have covered some distance in those four hours (needless to say this depends on the territory/time of year/weather etc.). I guarantee that for many of you the Batlogger will take your bat detecting to a new level, it is like you have a team of field biologists working for you. Now you can do for instance quick scans covering wide areas unthinkable when you just had your precious but now hopelessly outgunned non-recording/not gps-enabled/not software integrated detector of yester-year.

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