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Standard Dormouse Nest Box

Sturdy nest box for monitoring and providing nesting space for dormice
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FSC Heavy Duty Dormouse Box

For a more sturdy and durable option try the Heavy Duty Dormouse Box.

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About this product

The hazel dormouse has declined across Europe and is now protected by extensive legislation requiring that their habitat is protected. Dormouse nest boxes are an important conservation tool as they boost local dormouse population density and are used in survey monitoring, habitat enhancement and re-introduction schemes. However, dormouse boxes will only be useful if there is evidence that there are dormice in the area.

This Standard Dormouse Nest Box is solidly built from FSC wood with a removable lid for monitoring and wire closure. Boxes should be sited well away from public areas, near a potential routeway such as honeysuckle or leaning branches. Position approximately 1.5m above ground, on a hazel tree trunk or other suitable support, with the hole facing inwards to reduce occupation by birds. Use wire loops to attach the box to the tree rather than nails, making use of the notches in the box.

Please note: Dormice are legally protected and must not be handled or disturbed unless you have a licence to do so. Dormouse monitors may also be interested in our Dormouse Nest Tubes and Heavy Duty Polythene Bags to aid in surveying.




* Height: 22.5cm
* Width: 13.7cm
* Depth: 18.5cm
* Weight: 1.59kg
* Material: FSC certified softwood




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