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TrailMaster TM700v-RT Passive Infrared Video Trail Monitor

Connect to a video camera to record wildlife footage automatically


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About this product

The TrailMaster TM700v-RT is a passive infrared receiver, like the TM700v, which detects the combination of body heat and motion in the area it is monitoring. The area of sensitivity forms a wedge radiating outward in front of the monitor which is 30.5m (100 feet) deep and spreads 150 degrees wide. Any warm-blooded animal which moves within this wedge will register as an event with a date- and timestamp. The unit will store one event per minute as long as the animal is moving within the area. In addition to storing event information, the monitor can be set to control a video camera. When an animal enters the area, the TrailMaster turns the video camera on and the camera stays on as long as motion and heat are detected, then turns off after the last detection. With a 2-hour tape, the unit can remain in the field for weeks at a time. At the same time, the TM700v-RT records and stores the dates and times that animals are in the area. The TM700v-RT passive infrared monitor can store over 1000 animal movement events by date and time.


The TrailMaster TM700v-RT has additional functionality in giving the user the ability to use the internal passive infrared detector built into the TM700v-RT with a Remote Trigger (such as a Trailmaster TM1550 or TM1550 PS) to start a video recording on a connected video camera. The Remote Trigger device can be configured in three different ways:

1. The TM700v's Passive infrared detector can be ignored and only the external Remote Trigger is used to activate the TM700v-RT.

2. The TM700v-RT can be configured so that either the passive infrared detector or the Remote Trigger will activate the TM700v-RT.

3. The Remote Trigger can be used as an arming device so that the TM700v-RT's Passive infrared detector will activate the camera only after the Remote Trigger has been activated.

A number of different devices can be used as a Remote Trigger for the TM700v-RT, such as the TM550, TM1550, the TM1550-Bat, the TM1550-PS, and the TM1550-PS-Bat.

The TM700v-RT can be used with any video camera that adheres to the"Lan-C" remote control protocol (e.g. most SONY Handycams) and will require the TM25V video cable (supplied) to connect the unit to the video camera. It is weatherproof and the operating temperature range is -40°C to 55°C.




Dimensions: Height: 121mm, Width: 83mm, Depth: 83mm
Weight: 340g (without batteries
Operating range: 30.5 metres (100 feet)
Power: 4 x C cell battery
Battery life: 3 - 6 months
Operating temperature range: -40°C to 55°C (-40°F to 130°F)
Number of events recorded: 1000+

Supplied with: TM25 video camera cable, nylon strap for attaching to tree or post

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