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TrailMaster TM550 Passive Infrared Trail Monitor

Multi-zone trail monitor which can be attached to a camera


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About this product

The TM550 is a passive infrared trail monitor that detects the combination of body heat and motion in the area it is monitoring and records instances of animal movement, or can trigger a still camera. The area of sensitivity forms a wedge radiating outward in front of the monitor. This wedge is 20m (65 ft) deep and spreads 150° wide. Any warm-blooded animal that moves within this wedge will register as an event with a date- and timestamp. The TM550 will store one event as long as the animal is moving within the area of sensitivity. By reviewing the event times, you will know how long an animal is present in the area. In addition to storing event information, the monitor can be set to control a still image camera. When an animal enters the area, the TrailMaster turns the camera on and the camera responds to the settings programmed in the TM550. At the same time, the TM550 records and stores the dates and times that animals are in the area. The TM550 has advanced camera controls to set the delay between photographs and determine the maximum number of photos taken. Please see our range of Trailmaster Camera Cables for details of which cable is required to connect Trailmaster models to your camera. 

The TM550 passive infrared monitor can store over 1000 animal movement events by date and time, 4000 events in the TM550-4k model and 8000 events in the TM550-8k model.

The new "Event delay" feature on the TM550 allows the user to select the duration of an event period. With older passive infrared units the event delay was factory set to 1.0 minutes. With a 1.0 minute event delay, only one event could be recorded per minute. The new adjustable Event delay on the TM550 allows the user to adjust event periods from 0.1 minutes (i.e. 6 seconds) to 2.0 minutes in 0.1 minute increments. With the Event delay set to 0.1 minutes the TM550 can record as many as 10 events in a single minute. This gives you the ability to adjust the operation of the TM550 to meet your specific trail monitoring needs.

The TM550 has password protection and a personal passcode may be programmed into the monitor to protect the information from being tampered with. Use of the passcode is optional. The TM550 uses non-volatile memory; therefore, the only information lost when batteries are changed is the current clock (time/date) settings. Event information is not lost, and camera time-zone settings do not need to be reset after batteries are replaced. All TrailMaster monitors are weatherproof and tested to work from -40°C to 55°C. The TM550 has an extended battery field-time of over one year. The TM550 is the most versatile passive infrared monitor on the market and is a dependable way to monitor the entire 20m survey area.


Additional Accessories

Trailmaster Multi-Camera Trigger Mk II - enables you to fire off several cameras at once from different angles
Trailmaster StatPack Software - enables mapping of animal activity




Dimensions: Height: 121mm, Width: 83mm, Depth: 83mm
Weight: 340g (without batteries)
Operating range: 20 metres (65 feet)
Power: 4 x C cell battery
Battery life: 1 year
Operating temperature range: -40°C to 55°C (-40°F to 130°F)
Number of events recorded: standard model - 1000+, 4k model -  4000+, 8k model - 8000+

Supplied with: nylon strap for attaching to tree or post

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