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TrailMaster TM1550-PS-Bat Active Infrared Trail Monitor

Record movements or capture images of fast flying animals


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About this product

The TM1550-PS-Bat is a second-generation two-piece active infrared trail monitoring system that allows you to record movement events of small fast-moving animals or to trigger a still image camera. Compact, rugged and easy to set up the active system works by transmitting an infrared beam between the transmitter and receiver, which can be set up across a path or opening to record a date- and time-stamped event every time an animal crosses the beam.  This means the TM1550-PS-Bat can be easily set to record when specific animals pass the monitor by adjusting the height of the beam. Trailmaster trail monitors are weatherproof and able to operate in a wide range of temperatures (-40 to 55°C). TM1550 units are powered by 8 x C cell batteries and the battery life can last up to 1 year.

The PS-Bat has been equipped with additional features to make it particularly suitable for flying bats and birds: a selectable Transmitter Pulse Spacing setting with lower ranges than the standard models, and Automatic Reduced Range Control so that the transmitter and receiver can be placed closer together (e.g. across cave openings) and still be sensitive enough to detect bat wing movements. For more details of the advanced features, please see the Specifications tab.

All monitors in the TM1550 series can be used with a camera to produce images once the trail monitor is triggered. The PS series have advanced camera controls which allow you to select how many photographs are taken once an event is registered, and the delay between each photograph. The delay interval can be set from 6 seconds to 98 minutes and the PS model also allows you to select how long the camera activation signal lasts.  This means that if you are using a camera in continuous picture mode you can select how many photographs will be taken in each burst. Video footage of animals can also be obtained if a Trailmaster TM1550 unit is connected to the Trailmaster TM700v-RT, where it acts as a remote trigger for a video camera.

The Trailmaster TM1550-PS-Bat can record up to 1000 events and the TM1550-16k-PS-Bat can record up to 16000 events.

Please see our range of Trailmaster Camera Cables for details of which cable is required to connect Trailmaster models to your camera. 

Additional Accessories:

Trailmaster Multi-Camera Trigger Mk II - enables you to fire off several cameras at once from different angles
Trailmaster StatPack Software - enables mapping of animal activity
Trailmaster TM Event Data Record Pad - notebook for logging Trailmaster events




Transmitter dimensions: Height:121mm, Width: 83mm, Depth: 46mm
Receiver dimensions: Height: 191mm, Width: 89mm, Depth: 53mm
Transmitter weight: 283g
Receiver weight: 454g
Transmitter and receiver range: Maximum 45m (150 feet)
Power: 8 x C cell batteries
Number of events recorded: 1000 (standard version), 16000 (16K version)
Supplied with webbing strap to attach to tree or post.


Transmitter Pulse Spacing (selectable): The standard TM1550 Transmitter Pulse Spacing is 48 milliseconds between transmitted pulses (0.048 seconds.) If the “-P” count on the receiver were set to [-P 1] (the most sensitive setting), the beam would need to be blocked for a little more than 48 milliseconds to cause an event. In some cases where small, fast-moving animals are being monitored, this 48 millisecond requirement would be too lengthy. There are four Transmitter Pulse Spacing selections available on the TM1550-PS-BAT:

 6 milliseconds (0.006 seconds)
12 milliseconds (0.012 seconds)
48 milliseconds  (0.048 seconds)
96 milliseconds (0.096 seconds) 

Reduced Range Control (automatic): The standard TM1550 is designed so that the Transmitter and Receiver can be used up to 150 feet apart. When monitoring bats, it is often necessary to place the Transmitter and Receiver across an opening that may be only two feet wide so the Transmitter and Receiver would need to be placed very close together. If a bat were to fly through the standard TM1550’s infrared beam when the Transmitter and Receiver are placed close together (less than 5m apart), the bat’s wings would not be able to block the beam due to their translucency. (Some of the energy would pass through the wing and be seen by the Receiver; therefore, the beam would not be blocked and an event would not occur.) The TM1550-BAT reduces the sensitivity of the Receiver so that at short ranges a bat passing through the beam would cause an event. The maximum range is automatically  determined when the Transmitter Pulse Spacing switch is set on the following when the transmitters out put power switch is in the off (normal) position.:

6 milliseconds: Reduced Range maximum range: 10 feet Transmitter battery life: 1 month*
12 milliseconds: Reduced Range maximum range: 10 feet Transmitter battery life: 2 months*
48 milliseconds: Standard Range maximum range: 150 feet Transmitter battery life: 8 months*
96 milliseconds: Standard Range maximum range: 150 feet Transmitter battery life: 16 months*

*Battery life is approximate. Battery usage increases as Transmitter Pulse Spacing decreases

Output Power

There is also an Output Power switch on the bottom of the transmitter which allow the user to select the transmitters output power.  In the off or normal position the maximum range and battery life is as listed above. In the on or High power mode the range will be greater than the range listed above and the battery life is half of that listed above.


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