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Biogents BG-Sentinel Midge Trap

Full version of trap with mains and battery power adapters
UV light kit to attract midges
Includes Sweetscent lure
Ideal for researchers
Best performing trap for Aedes mosquito species
Suitable for research or mosquito control
Attracts target species using a scent lure
Mimics convection currents of human body
Provides visual cues


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About this product

The Biogents BG-Sentinel Trap is the result of over 16 years of scientific research and was originally developed to enable researchers to monitor the yellow fever (or dengue) mosquito Aedes aegypti and the Asian tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus. This version of the BG-Sentinel trap can also be used to attract other biting insects such as midges as it has a UV light attachment. Used by researchers, healthcare professionals and pest control operators, the BG-Sentinel has been demonstrated in comparative studies (e.g Kröckel et al. 2006) to be the most effective mosquito trap on the market. It can be used both to monitor and control mosquito or midge numbers and has been deployed in a wide range of research studies and by private households. This Midge version of the BG-Sentinel trap includes power adapters for mains (EU plug) or 12V battery power supply and a Biogents Sweetscent™ lure as well as the UV light kit.

The UV light kit included with the BG-Sentinel Midge Trap attracts biting midges (Ceratopogonidae) and certain mosquito species that are attracted to UV light. The trap draws in anthropophilic mosquitoes by emulating both human scent and the convection currents that move air around a human body using a tried and tested chemical lure and a fan to distribute the air and suck in the mosquitoes or midges. The trap is also large enough to incorporate additional attractants (for example animal hairs, worn clothing, small animals, food, light and heat sources) making it a very versatile tool. The BG-Sentinel midge trap is essentially a collapsible, white fabric container with white gauze covering its opening. The diameter is 36cm (14 inches), the height 40cm (16 inches). The air exits the trap through the white gauze, generating ascending currents. These are similar to the convection currents produced by a human host, both in their direction, their geometrical structure, and also in their chemical composition, due to the addition of the Biogents proprietary attractant for anthropophilic mosquitoes, the Sweetscent lure (included) or the Biogents BG-Lure. The Biogents Sweetscent attractant was developed to capture tiger mosquitoes. It consists of a patented combination of non-toxic substances that are specific to human skin. The light, permeable dispenser of the Sweetscent guarantees an optimally timed release of the scent into the surrounding area for up to two months. The improved Sweetscent formula provides improvements like a better protection of the lure against enviromental influence and an improved emission profile. Used in combination with the BG-Lure cartridge, a dispenser that releases a combination of non-toxic substances that are also found on human skin (ammonia, lactic acid, and caproic acid), the BG-Sentinel is especially attractive for the yellow fever (or dengue) mosquito, Aedes (Stegomyia) aegypti, the Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes (Stegomyia) albopictus and the southern house mosquito, Culex quinquefasciatus.

In the middle of the gauze cover, air is sucked into the trap through a black catch pipe by an electrical fan, drawing approaching midges or mosquitoes into the catch bag. The UV lamp is clipped above the trap to attract midges. Unlike in other monitor traps, the catch bag is located above the fan, meaning that the catch can be controlled easily and the captured mosquitoes remain intact and well preserved for analyses. The BG-Sentinel needs a 12V DC energy source to power the fan. The Basic Version of the Sentinel does not come with power adapters so these need to be purchased separately, either to run via mains power or to run from a 12V battery. The battery will need a capacity of 11Ah for every 24 hours that the trap needs to run.

The BG-Sentinel can attract the following mosquitoes without the addition of CO2:

• Aedes aegyptiAedes albopictus, and Aedes polynesiensis,

• Culex quinquefasciatus and various other Culex species from the Culex pipiens complex. 

The BG-Sentinel Midge Trap includes:

* 1 x Pop-up Sentinel trap
* 3 x Support rods
* 1 x Intake funnel
* 1 x Funnel net
* 2 x Catch bags
* 1 x Ventilator (12V DC 3.6W)
* 1 x Mains power adapter with 8m cable and EU plug
* 1 x 12V battery power adapter
* 1 x Biogents Sweetscent mosquito attractant
* 1 x UV lamp with voltage converter
* 1 x Y-shaped power cable to connect the lamp and the ventilator to the mains adapter or battery supply (requires 8W power)
* 1 x Clip holder to attach the lamp
* 1 x String to hang the trap
* 1 x Beaker catch bag
* 2 x Beakers to use with diluted alcohol or other sample preservatives
* 1 x 5mm mesh cover that excludes larger insects from the catch pipe
* 1 x White gauze trap cover
* 1 x Compact carrying bag

An instruction manual for this trap can be downloaded here.



Diameter: 36cm (14 inches)

Height: 40cm (15.7 inches)


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