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Global Volcanic Hazards and Risk

  • Provides a profile of volcanic hazard and risk for every country in the world that has active volcanoes, accessed via, providing more detail on the numbers, distribution, style and history of volcanoes in each country, as well as identifying how many people, roads, airports and ports are threatened by volcanic activity
  • Involves extensive collaboration from the volcanological community, with contributions from world-leading experts
  • Also published in Open Access, to enable maximum dissemination of an important and topical subject matter

By: Susan Loughlin(Editor), Steve Sparks(Editor), Sarah L Brown(Editor), Susanna Jenkins(Editor), Charlotte Vye-Brown(Editor)

370 pages, 129 colour illustrations, 32 tables

Cambridge University Press

Hardback | Aug 2015 | #221860 | ISBN-13: 9781107111752
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About this book

Originally prepared for the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, this is the first comprehensive assessment of global volcanic hazards and risk, presenting the state of the art in our understanding of global volcanic activity. It examines our assessment and management capabilities, and considers the preparedness of the global scientific community and government agencies to manage volcanic hazards and risk. Particular attention is paid to volcanic ash, the most frequent and wide-ranging volcanic hazard. Of interest to government officials, the private sector, students and researchers, Global Volcanic Hazards and Risk is a key resource for the disaster risk reduction community and for those interested in volcanology and natural hazards. A non-technical summary report is included for policy makers and general interest readers. An open access ebook and additional regional volcanic hazard profiles, with invaluable information on volcanic hazards and risk at the local, national and global scale, are available at


1. An introduction to global volcanic hazard and risk S. C. Loughlin, C. Vye-Brown, R. S. J. Sparks, S. K. Brown, J. Barclay, E. Calder, E. Cottrell, G. Jolly, J-C. Komorowski, C. Mandeville, C. Newhall, J. Palma, S. Potter and G. Valentine
2. Global volcanic hazard and risk S. K. Brown, S. C. Loughlin, R. S. J. Sparks, C. Vye-Brown, J. Barclay, E. Calder, E. Cottrell, G. Jolly, J-C. Komorowski, C. Mandeville, C. Newhall, J. Palma, S. Potter and G. Valentine
3. Volcanic ash fall hazard and risk S. F. Jenkins, T. M. Wilson, C. Magill, V. Miller, C. Stewart, R. Blong, W. Marzocchi, M. Boulton, C. Bonadonna and A. Costa
4. Populations around Holocene volcanoes and development of a Population Exposure Index S. K. Brown, M. R. Auker and R. S. J. Sparks
5. An integrated approach to Determining Volcanic Risk in Auckland, New Zealand: the multidisciplinary DEVORA project N. I. Deligne, J. M. Lindsay and E. Smid
6. Tephra fall hazard for the Neapolitan area W. Marzocchi, J. Selva, A. Costa, L. Sandri, R. Tonini and G. Macedonio
7. Eruptions and lahars of Mount Pinatubo, 1991–2000 C. G. Newhall and R. Solidum
8. Improving crisis decision-making at times of uncertain volcanic unrest (Guadeloupe, 1976) J-C. Komorowski, T. Hincks, R. S. J. Sparks, W. Aspinall and CASAVA ANR project consortium
9. Forecasting the November 2010 eruption of Merapi, Indonesia J. Pallister and Surono
10. The importance of communication in hazard zone areas: case study during and after 2010 Merapi eruption, Indonesia S. Andreastuti, J. Subandriyo, S. Sumarti and D. Sayudi
11. Nyiragongo (Democratic Republic of Congo), January 2002: a major eruption in the midst of a complex humanitarian emergency J-C. Komorowski and K. Karume
12. Volcanic ash fall impacts T. M. Wilson, S. F. Jenkins and C. Stewart
13. Health impacts of volcanic eruptions C. Horwell, P. Baxter and R. Kamanyire
14. Volcanoes and the aviation industry P. W. Webley
15. The role of volcano observatories in risk reduction G. Jolly
16. Developing effective communication tools for volcanic hazards in New Zealand, using social science G. Leonard and S. Potter
17. Volcano monitoring from space M. Poland
18. Volcanic unrest and short-term forecasting capacity J. Gottsmann
19. Global monitoring capacity: development of the Global Volcano Research and Monitoring Institutions Database and analysis of monitoring in Latin America N. Ortiz Guerrero, S. K. Brown, H. Delgado Granados and C. Lombana Criollo
20. Volcanic hazard maps E. Calder, K. Wagner and S. E. Ogburn
21. Risk assessment case history: the Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat W. Aspinall and G. Wadge
22. Development of a new global Volcanic Hazard Index (VHI) M. R. Auker, R. S. J. Sparks, S. F. Jenkins, S. K. Brown, W. Aspinall, N. I. Deligne, G. Jolly, S. C. Loughlin, W. Marzocchi, C. G. Newhall and J. L. Palma
23. Global distribution of volcanic threat S. K. Brown, R. S. J. Sparks and S. F. Jenkins
24. Scientific communication of uncertainty during volcanic emergencies J. Marti
25. Volcano Disaster Assistance Program: preventing volcanic crises from becoming disasters and advancing science diplomacy J. Pallister
26. Communities coping with uncertainty and reducing their risk: the collaborative monitoring and management of volcanic activity with the Vigías of Tungurahua J. Stone, J. Barclay, P. Ramon, P. Mothes and STREVA

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Dr. Susan Loughlin is the Head of Volcanology at the British Geological Survey (BGS) and joint leader of the Global Volcano Model (GVM). Her research interests include volcanic processes, hazards and risk, communication, social and environmental impacts of eruptions and the interaction of scientists and decision makers. Dr Loughlin spent several years at Montserrat Volcano Observatory and was Director for two years. She has provided advice to governments and communities during volcanic unrest and eruptions (e.g. Montserrat and Iceland/UK) and provided scientific evidence for longer-term planning.

Professor Steve Sparks is a volcanologist at the University of Bristol and joint leader of the Global Volcano Model (GVM). With expertise in many aspects of volcanology, he is the most highly cited scientist in this field. His interests include volcanic hazards and risk, the physics of volcanic eruptions and fluid dynamics of hazardous flows. Professor Sparks has provided advice to governments during ongoing and developing volcanic emergencies in Montserrat and Iceland.

Dr. Sarah Brown is a researcher in volcanology at the University of Bristol. Her interests lie in physical volcanology with an emphasis on the assessment of hazard and risk. Dr. Brown works on combining and developing volcanological datasets including the Large Magnitude Explosive Volcanic Eruptions database (LaMEVE) to investigate the global eruption record with an aim towards developing a better understanding of volcanic risk.

Dr. Susanna Jenkins is a volcanologist at the University of Bristol. Her research focuses on the assessment of hazards and risks associated with explosive volcanism. Dr Jenkins has worked with research, government and civil protection agencies, particularly in south-east Asia and the Lesser Antilles, in quantifying the risk from future eruptions and assessing the impact of recent damaging eruptions.

Dr. Charlotte Vye-Brown is a volcanologist at the British Geological Survey. She applies a multidisciplinary approach of field studies, geochemistry and remote sensing to her research. Her interests include volcanic geology, formation of continental flood basalts, lava flow emplacement, rift volcanism and communication of science to support planning and response to volcanic activity.

- S. C. Loughlin
- C. Vye-Brown
- R. S. J. Sparks
- S. K. Brown
- J. Barclay
- E. Cottrell
- G. Jolly
- J-C. Komorowski
- C. Mandeville
- C. Newhall
- J. Palma
- S. Potter
- G. Valentine
- S. F. Jenkins
- T. M. Wilson
- C. Magill
- V. Miller
- C. Stewart
- R. Blong
- W. Marzocchi
- M. Boulton
- C. Bonadonna
- A. Costa
- M. R. Auker
- N. I. Deligne
- J. M. Lindsay
- E. Smid
- J. Selva
- L. Sandri
- R. Tonini
- G. Macedonio
- R. Solidum
- T. Hincks
- W. Aspinall
- CASAVA ANR project consortium
- J. Pallister
- Surono
- S. Andreastuti
- J. Subandriyo
- S. Sumarti
- D. Sayudi
- K. Karume
- C. Horwell
- P. Baxter
- R. Kamanyire
- P. W. Webley
- G. Leonard
- M. Poland
- J. Gottsmann
- N. Ortiz Guerrero
- H. Delgado Granados
- C. Lombana Criollo
- K. Wagner
- S. E. Ogburn
- G. Wadge
- J. Marti
- J. Stone
- P. Ramon
- P. Mothes

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