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Distribution of Mammalian Species in China

Flora / Fauna

By: Zhang Rongzu(Author)

280 pages, distribution maps

China Forestry Publishing House

Hardback | Dec 1997 | #82252 | ISBN: 750381599X
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About this book

Language: Bilingual in English and Chinese

The volume is a systematic information on mammal distribution of China. Substantially, it is an atlas of distribution maps with detailed records at county level. It includes all the mammals known in China, comprising 506 species,which are classified as 51 families and 14 orders. The lists and maps are followed by texts arranged in order of taxonomic system. Each species included the following items:
(1) nomenclature, including scientific names, Chinese names and English names;
(2) subspecies and their main ranges;
(3) distribution records in China;
(4) habitat;
(5) brief account of range abroad.

The chief author Professor Zhang Rongzu is one of the most active pioneers of zoogeography in China. He has conducted field work practically in the whole country for the past two decades.
Brief explanations of the contents and compilation:
1. The book include all the mammal species distributed in China. it coordinates mostly with the manuscript ' Key to Mammals in China' as to nomenclature. Divisions are mainly
     based on the taxonomic system suggested by Corbet(1991) with some modifications from other authorities. The distribution of all species is indicated on the maps by dots.
     the ranges of subspecies are not shown on the maps owing to insufficient study, but described with geographical names.
2.  On the map the dots represent localities where specimens were collected and living animals observed. number of dots depends on the intensity and scope of the
     field surveys.
3.  Within a species area, except for a few that are eurytopic, occur only certain habitats, depends on ecological valency. On small-scale maps habitat cannot be shown
     as to ecological level. The book gives merely a simple description of species habitat in terms of ecological significance.
4.  For a few endangered species, such as the tiger, sika deer and primates,localities of extirpation or protection have been marked by different dot. It is hard to obtain
     information on distribution changes, which must be collected constantly or by monitoring. This volume can be used as a background for study.
5.  Maps of zoogeographic regions of China and the world have been appended forstudy of species distribution patterns.
6.  Data for the volume were collected from the following sources:
     (1). Early publications;
     (2). Information on faunal investigations and records of specimens, contributed by integrated scientific expeditions of Academia Sinica since 1950s.
     (3). Publications about mammals at provincial level for the past two decades.
     (4). A great number of papers of zoology,wild animal epidemiology and nature conservation, which deal with information ofmammal distribution and many
           unpublished papers have also been quoted, etc.


Foreword, Preface, Introduction
Gegraphical Maps
Geomorphological Regionalization Map
Annual Average Temperature Maps
Annual Precpitation Maps of China
ZoologicalRegionalizationMap of China
Faunal Group Distribution Map
Faunal Regions of the world

INSECTIVORA Insectivores
Erinaceidae Hedgehogs, moonrats
Soricidae Shrews
Talpidae Moles, shrew-moles, desmans

SCANDENTIA Tree shrews
Tupaiidae Tree shrews

Pteropodidae Fruit bats, flying foxes
Emballonuridae Sheath-tailed bats
Megadermatidae False vamire bats, yellow-winged bats
Rhinolphidae Horsehoe bats
Hipposiderdae Old-world leaf-nosed bats, trident bats
Molossidae Free-tailed bats
Vespertilionidae Vespertilionid bats

Lorisidae Lorises, bush babies
Cercopithecidae Old-world monkeys
Pongidae Apes

PHOLIDOTA Pangolins, scaly anteatersManidae Pangolins

CARNIVORA Carnivores
Canidae Dogs, foxs
Ursidae Bears
Ailuropodidae Pandas
Mustelidae Weasels etc
Viverridae Civets, mongooses etc
Felidae Cats1

PINNIPEDIA Pinnipeds, seals, sealions .
Otariidae Eared seal, sealions
Phocidae Earless seals

Elephantidae Elephants

SIRENIA Sea cows
Dugongidae Dugong

PERISSODACTYLA Odd-toed ungulates
Equidae Horese etc.

ARTIODACTYLA Even-toed ungulates
Suidae Pigs
Camelidae Camels
Tragulidae Chevrotains Mouse-deer
Cervidae Deer
Bovidae Cattle, antelope, sheep,goats

Leporidae Rabbits, hares
Ochotonidae Pikas

Petauristidae Flying squirrels
Sciuridae Squirrels
Castoridae Beavers
Hystricidae Old-world-World porcupines
Zapodidae Jumping mice
Dipodidae Jerboas
Muscardinidae Dormice
Platacanthomyidae Spiny dormice
Rhizomyidae Bamboo rat
Muridae Mice,rats voles, gerbils, hamsters
Murinae Old-world mice and rats
Cricetinae Hamsters etc.
Gerbillinae Gerbils, jirds
Myospalacinae Zokors
Microtinae Voles , lemmings

CETACEA Whales, dolphins, porpoises
Balaenidae Right whale
Eschrichtiidae Grey whales
Balaenopteridae Rorquals

ODONTOCETI Toothed whales
Platanistidae River dolphin
Physeteridae Sperm whales
Ziphiidae Beaked whales
Globicephalidae False Killers
Delphinidae Marine dolphins
Phocoenidae Porpoises

Scientific Names Index of Species
Chinese Names Index of Species
English Names Index of Species

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