FSC Heavy Duty Dormouse Box

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Nest box schemes for dormice are important for survey monitoring, habitat enhancement and re-introduction efforts. These wooden boxes are ideal for all these purposes. Dormouse boxes should only be used if there is evidence that there are dormice in the area. (Use of nesting tubes is an ideal way of determining whether this is the case).

The Heavy Duty Dormouse Box is made from ¾” FSC marine plywood and is very robust and sturdy. It should be sited approximately 1.5m above ground on trees with the hole facing inwards. Use wire loops around the entire box, rather than nails, so that the boxes can be easily removed. They should also be placed well away from public areas.

Please note: Dormice are legally protected and must not be handled unless you have a licence to do so.

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* Width: 180mm
* Depth: 185mm
* Maximum Height: 200mm
* Entrance Diameter: 35mm


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