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Todas as Aves do Brasil: Guia de Campo Para Identificação

Field / Identification Guide
Out of Print
Deodato Souza
350 pages, Col illus, distribution maps
Paperback | Dec 2004 | Edition: 2 | #151829 | ISBN: 8573951052
Out of Print Details
Paperback | Dec 1998 | Edition: 1 | #95465 | ISBN: 8586967017
Out of Print Details

Language: Portuguese

More than half of South America's 3100 bird species are found in, and distributed more or less evenly between, Brazil, Colombia and Peru. First published in Portuguese in 1998 and now in its second edition in this language, this important field guide has been updated and contains new and improved maps and new illustrations to accompany the updated narrative. Its concise and practical species accounts (ordered by family), good colour illustrations (by the author and Osmar Borges) and distribution maps make it indispensable for the serious visitor.

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