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Una Guia de las Aves de Venezuela: (Guide to the Birds of Venezuela: Spanish Edition)

Field / Identification Guide
Out of Print
RM De Schauensee and PWH Phelp
484 pages, Col & b/w plates
Hardback | Dec 1978 | #50219
Out of Print Details

Language: Spanish

Spanish edition of A Guide to the Birds of Venezuela by the same authors and published by Princeton University Press.
More than forty percent of the bird species known to inhabit South America have been found in Venezuela. Here in one volume is the essential information on this rich and varied avifauna - nearly 1300 species, almost all of which are illustrated. Text and plates have been designed for rapid identification in the field while providing at the same time detailed information indispensable for the scientist and serious observer. Illustrations and facing-page notes by G Tudor with HW Trimm, JA Gwynne, KD Phelps and M Kleinbaum
The only field guide available on the birds of Venezuela.

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