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Wild Down Under - DVD (Region 2): The Natural History of Australasia

Wild Down Under - DVD (Region 2)
Another superb natural history from the BBC
Neil Nightingale, Jeni Clevers, Neil Pearson and Mary Summerill
DVD | region 2 | Dec 2003 | #141712
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Australia is unique: isolated from the rest of the world for 45 million years, this huge island contains an enormous diversity of distinctive species - 90% of its reptiles and 70% of its birds are endemic. The landscape is remarkable: it is the flattest and driest inhabited continent, with some of the oldest rocks. The surrounding seas contain exquisite reefs and are dotted with islands, stretching from the Equator to the sub-Antarctic to form the larger region known as Australasia.

Wild Down Under reveals how this ancient land of contrasts was created and explores its unique landscapes and wildlife, and the impact of human settlement.
Each episode is framed as a detective story, delving into Australasia's hidden secrets to explain why its wildlife is so unusual.

The DVD contains fact files, a photo gallery and a ten-minute making-of penguin sequence.

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