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British Wildlife is the leading natural history magazine in the UK, providing essential reading for both enthusiast and professional naturalists and wildlife conservationists. Published six times a year, British Wildlife bridges the gap between popular writing and scientific literature through a combination of long-form articles, regular columns and reports, book reviews and letters.

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Conservation Land Management (CLM) is a quarterly magazine that is widely regarded as essential reading for all who are involved in land management for nature conservation, across the British Isles. CLM includes long-form articles, events listings, publication reviews, new product information and updates, reports of conferences and letters.

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Animal: Compact Edition The Definitive Visual Guide

Popular Science Out of Print
Edited By: David Burnie
624 pages, Over 5000 col photos and col illus
Animal: Compact Edition
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  • Animal: Compact Edition ISBN: 9781405303323 Hardback Aug 2007 Out of Print #149349
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About this book

This authoritative volume starts with a clear introduction to the animal world, examining the reasons for the apparently infinite variety of animal forms and the major evolutionary developments. Animal anatomy, life cycles and the principles of classification are also explored. This is followed by a superbly illustrated survey of world habitats, showing how animals have adapted to each environment and the threats that face both fauna and flora today. The main part of the book, an up-to-date and comprehensive animal catalogue, looks in detail at each major group and provides absorbing profiles of over 2,000 individual species.


What are Animals? - Evolution - How Animals are Classified - Vertebrate Classification - Invertebrate Classification - Anatomy - Behaviour - Life Cycles - Animals in Danger - Conservation
Understanding Habitats - Grasslands - Deserts - Tropical Forests - Temperate Forests - Coniferous Forests - Mountains - Polar Regions - Freshwater - Oceans - Coasts and Coral Reefs - Urban Areas

Mammals - Egg-laying Mammals - Marsupials - Insectivores - Bats - Flying Lemurs - Elephant Shrews - Tree Shrews - Primates (Prosimians - Monkeys - Apes) - Anteaters and Relatives - Pangolins - Rabbits, Hares and Pikas - Rodents (Squirrel-like Rodents - Mouse-like Rodents - Cavy-like Rodents) - Cetaceans (Baleen Whales - Toothed Whales) - Carnivores (Dogs and Relatives - Bears - Raccoons and Relatives - Mustelids - Civets and Relatives - Hyaenas and Aardwolf - Cats) - Seals and Sealions - Elephants - Aardvark - Hyraxes - Dugongs and Manatees - Hoofed Mammals (Horses and Relatives - Rhinoceroses - Tapirs - Pigs - Hippopotamuses - Camels and Relatives - Deer - Pronghorn - Giraffe and Okapi - Cattle and Relatives) - Endangered Mammals
Birds - Ostrich - Rheas - Cassowaries and Emus - Kiwis - Tinamous - Penguins - Divers - Grebes - Albatrosses and Petrels - Pelicans and Relatives - Herons and Relatives - Flamingos - Waterfowl - Birds of Prey - Gamebirds - Cranes and Relatives - Waders and Shorebirds - Pigeons - Sandgrouse - Parrots - Cuckoos and Turacos - Owls - Nightjars and Frogmouths - Hummingbirds and Swifts - Mousebirds - Trogons - Kingfishers and Relatives - Woodpeckers and Toucans - Paserines - Endangered Birds
Reptiles - Tortoises and Turtles - Tuataras - Snakes (Boas, Pythons, and Relatives - Colubrids - Elapids - Vipers - Blind and Thread Snakes) - Lizards (Iguanas and Relatives - Geckos and Snake Lizards - Skinks and Relatives - Anguimorph Lizards) - Amphisbaenians - Crocodiles and Alligators - Endangered Reptiles
Amphibians - Newts and Salamanders - Caecilians - Frogs and Toads - Endangered Amphibians
Fish - Jawless Fish Cartilaginous Fish (Sharks - Skates and Rays) - Bony Fish (Fleshy-finned Fish - Primitive Ray-finned Fish - Bony-tongued Fish - Tarpons and Eels - Herrings and Relatives - Catfish, Carp and Relatives - Salmon and Relatives - Dragonflies and Relatives - Lanternfish and Relatives - Cod and Anglerfish - Spiny-rayed Fish) - Endangered Fish
Invertebrates - Sponges - Cnidarians - Flatworms - Segmented Worms - Roundworms - Minor Phyla - Molluscs- Arthropods (Insects - Centipedes and Millipedes - Crustaceans - Horseshoe Crabs - Sea Spiders - Arachnids) - Echinoderms - Invertebrate Chordates - Other Invertebrates.

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Popular Science Out of Print
Edited By: David Burnie
624 pages, Over 5000 col photos and col illus
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