What are NHBS stock numbers?

Every version of every product listed by NHBS is assigned a unique stock number. This number appears on the title information pages of our website preceded by a # symbol. For titles which have been published in more than one version (e.g. a hardback and a paperback), a different stock number is assigned to each version to distinguish between them. You can quote NHBS stock numbers when ordering. To search for a book by our stock number, simply type the stock number into the search box.

Out-of-print titles on www.nhbs.com?

We list out-of-print items on our website so that you know if something you are searching for is no longer available new. Out-of-print titles are not available from NHBS. However, we have partnered with AbeBooks to enable you to find used copied of out-of-print books. If the publisher decides to reissue an out-of-print title we will update the status on our website accordingly.

Can NHBS suggest a good title on a specific topic?

We are happy to make a recommendation if you are unsure as to which title to buy, we will be happy to provide you with impartial advice. As a specialist in natural history and environmental titles, we have over 25 years experience of finding publications to match our customers' needs. Please contact Customer Services with your query and we will help with a recommendation.

Can NHBS provide a list of core titles on a specific topic?

Whether you are managing a conservation project in Africa or just reading up on Climate Change, ask us and we will be happy to help. We often find that it is a good idea to first look through www.nhbs.com as we regularly feature selections on topical subjects. If you sign-up to the NHBS mailing list you will automatically receive update on new selections and special offers.

If you are managing a project, it is worth noting that we have many years experience supplying to organisations and projects around the world and we understand the importance of choosing current material which is available and can be shipped promptly. Consequently, we also have wide experience of the administrative complexities of such orders and can offer discounts on large/regular orders.

Can NHBS give me more information about a book on the website?

We list all the information we have about a book on our website. If you have a specific question and we have a copy in stock, Customer Services will be happy to check details for you.

How do I browse to books on a specific subject?

To find a list of books on a specific subject, browse by starting with one of links provided on the homepage, or with the links provided under the books, equipment, gifts or DVD header, for example Zoology. Click on a heading for the subject you are looking for and a new page will appear, which has a list of sub-headings. Again, click the sub-heading for the subject you would like to browse – our categories continue in this way creating an increasingly specific selection, e.g. to browse to Bats you would follow the route Zoology->Mammals->Bats(Chiroptera).

What are ISBNs and what is the difference between an ISBN-10 and an ISBN-13?

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is the international standard method of identifying a book. Every version of every book is given a unique ISBN by its publisher which allows it to be identified. For titles which have been published in more than one version (e.g. a hardback and a paperback), a different ISBN is given to each version to distinguish between them.

On January 1st 2007, ISBNs were increased in length from 10 digits to 13 digits in order to expand the numbering capacity of the ISBN system and overcome numbering shortages in certain areas of the world. As such, ISBN-13 has now succeeded ISBN-10.

NHBS show ISBN-13 on our website’s title information pages for books published in or after 2007, otherwise ISBN-10 is shown. However an ISBN-13 search can be performed for any book and either ISBN-10 or ISBN-13 can be quoted in correspondence with us. We also list and sell books without ISBN numbers.

Does NHBS sell anything other than books?

We have a large selection of DVDs, DVD-ROMs, CDs, CD-ROMs, Maps and other print media. NHBS also sells a growing range of Wildlife & Ecology Equipment If you are having trouble locating any product, please contact Customer Services - we will be happy to help. Please note that the prices of electronic media products such as DVDs, and equipment products include Value Added Tax (VAT) at the standard UK rate of 20%. Some non-UK customers may be exempt. Find out more about VAT.

How do I find the newest books on a subject I'm interested in?

When browsing by subject or viewing search results on www.nhbs.com the items are arranged by order of popularity by default. You can change the order in which they are arranged by either 'Author', 'Title' or 'Publication Date'. You can re-sort your list of books at any time.

Can NHBS supply a book if it is not on the website?

NHBS can source any in-print title for you regardless of the subject or language. Please contact Customer Services with the book title, author, ISBN or any information you have – we will find the title for you. So, if you saw a book in a library last year and only remember part of the title, or if your colleague showed you a field-guide which you are not sure of the name of, Customer Services will help you find the title.

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