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Professional Hand Net

The Professional Hand Net (also known as a kick net) is a robust net that has been designed specifically for aquatic surveying and used extensively for research by universities and professional institutions. It is the UK industry standard for river surveying and the rigorous manufacturing process means that the nets are used to repeat historical research sampling. With a frame accuracy of + / - 1mm and a high quality woven or precision mesh, these nets should perform reliably for years, a fact demonstrated by their continued use by organisations such as the Environment Agency. 


The 250mm frame is available with a wooden, aluminium or sectional wooden handle. The wooden handles are made from ash and designed to float, whereas the aluminium handles are more affordable and lightweight but can be cold and slippery when wet. In other European countries a 300mm frame is the standard for surveying and this is also available. The frame heads are all made from high quality aluminium and the inner ring from brass. The bolts are marine grade stainless steel. The Biosecurity Net Frame is the same as the Professional Hand Net frame but with no holes drilled, so a standard net bag cannot be attached.

Net Bags

Net bags are available in a wide variety of mesh sizes and depths for a range of surveying purposes. The 1mm and 2mm mesh sizes are made from knitted polyester that is made to a custom specification and available in both the 0.3m and 0.5m depth. The 1mm mesh is the standard mesh size used for riverine surveying by the Environment Agency, with the 0.3m bag used for general surveying and the 0.5m bag used for RIVPACS. The 2mm mesh bags are soft and particularly suitable for amphibian and seashore work. The high precision mesh bags are made from polyamide (nylon)  and are available in a range of mesh sizes, in either the 0.3m or 0.5m depth. Heavy duty net bags are available in 1030 micron monofilament nylon precision mesh with reinforced seams and available in either 0.3m or 0.5m depth. For sampling plankton use the conical Plankton Net Bags that are available in 250, 100 or 53 micron mesh with an attached filter. A Biosecurity Net Bag is available for areas where biosecurity is a priority - it has a 1mm mesh and is 0.5m deep and has velcro seams for quick attachment and changing,

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