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NHBS Grapevine #51

NHBS Grapevine: The Best of our Books & Equipment #51
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NHBS Grapevine - The Best of Our Books & Equipment
18th May 2017   

About Us
In this edition: We feature Britain's Spiders, the first photographic guide to British arachnids since 1989. We also highlight the excellent Field Guide to Spiders of Australia, due for publication next month, a brand new guide to the seaweeds of Britain and Ireland, a dictionary of South African plant names and a revised guide to the butterflies of the Palearctic.

On the blog, our catalogue editor Leon Vlieger discusses the arguments for and against anthropogenic climate change, in the second installment of a four part series on truth and post-truth in science. We also provide information on the new release of Kaleidoscope Bioacoustics Analysis Software from Wildlife Acoustics.

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Leon's Bookshelf
Leon's selection of new arrivals at the warehouse & important new titles catalogued.
Browse Leon's Bookshelf.
Luanne's Kit Bag
In the kit bag this week we have a range of insect survey equipment.

Browse Luanne's Kit Bag
Britain's Spiders - Due 19th May
Pre-publication offer
Britain’s Spiders is the first photographic field guide to British spiders to be published since 1989. Individual accounts cover 390 of Britain's approximately 660 species, including all 37 of the British families. Limitations to field identification are also explained.
This book is designed to be accessible to a wide audience. It also pushes the boundaries of field identification for this challenging group by combining information on features that can be seen with the naked eye or a hand lens with additional evidence from webs, egg-sacs, behaviour, phenology, habitats and distributions.
Other books in the Britain's Wildlife series:
Britain's Mammals
Britain's Birds
Britain's Hoverflies
Britain's Butterflies
A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia
Due June 2017
This Field Guide features over 1300 colour photographs and is the most comprehensive account of Australian spiders ever published. With more than two-thirds of Australian spiders yet to be scientifically described, this book sets the scene for future explorations of the Australian fauna.
On the blog - Truth and Post-Truth in Science
Has Britain really had enough of experts? Will 'post-truth' retain the title international word of the year it won in turbulent 2016? To help readers see through the spin and hyperbole, evolutionary biologist Leon Vlieger, NHBS' catalogue editor, looks at some of the books on the broad scientific consensus that climate change is a reality, on the clash between evolutionary theory and religion – still going strong 158 years after Darwin published On the Origin of Species – and on truth and post-truth in science. This week we start off with the introduction and the section on climate change
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh: Botanical Collection Guides
These booklets from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh are essential new guides for students and early career researchers needing guidance on the collection of material for herbariums and living plant collections. The basic information is presented in a clear, concise format in these small but durable spiral bound booklets – perfect for taking into the field.
Where have all the insects gone?
A new long term data set collected by the Krefeld Entomological Society at more than 100 nature reserves in western Europe since the 1980s shows a calamitous, 80% fall in the total mass of their catches.

Less than 30 of the world's 'panda of the sea' remain
Vaquitas are only found in Mexico’s Upper Gulf of California and are the world’s smallest cetacean. With a ban on gill netting, the cause of most vaquita mortality, expiring on 31st May WWF is calling for immediate action.

UK General Election 2017: why it matters for wildlife
The majority of our environmental laws are currently wrapped up with our membership of the European Union, the key political issue of the moment. Read the commitments the Wildlife Trusts would like to see from all parties.
Our catalogue editor's picks from the new books at NHBS

Important arrivals at the warehouse: Important titles catalogued:
In the kit bag this week we have a range of insect survey equipment,  including malaise traps, berlese traps and bait traps. 
The spring months are an exciting time for all nature enthusiasts, with our outdoor spaces full of vibrant new growth and emergence. Whether you are a budding botanist or an experienced entomologist, the 2017 Best of Spring equipment range contains everything you could need to begin or continue your natural history explorations. Here are a few of our bestselling items from this year.
Best of Spring equipment highlights
  1. BioEcoSS TubeTrap
  2. Pond Net
  3. House Martin Nests
  4. Echo Meter Touch 2
  5. Bushnell Trophy Cam Essential E3
  6. Standard Sweep Net
  7. Magenta Bat 5 Bat Detector
  8. Bee and Bug Biome
  9. Spring Frame Butterfly Net
  10. Opticron Hand Lens 23mm 10x
...for natural history, ecology, conservation & other environmental books and equipment
New books at NHBS
This book provides a comprehensive overview of mires and peatlands in biogeographic Europe. Written by 134 authors, it describes mire and peatland types, terms, extent, distribution, use, conservation, and restoration individually for each country and for the entire continent. 
On the blog

The newest version of Kaleidoscope Bioacustic Software, version 4.3.0, is now available to download from the Wildlife Acoustics website. See our blog post for details about the new features included in this release, as well as a handy table to see which version of Kaleidoscope is right for you, and some useful tutorial videos.

The Moth Snowstorm is a heartfelt call to action that is continuing to attract favourable reviews. McCarthy writes candidly about why we love the natural world and why it's so vital to halt its decline.
Coming Soon
Seasearch Guide to Seaweeds of Britain and Ireland describes over 235 species in detail, with colour photographs, information on habitat, distribution and confusion species. Species are divided into three main sections, red, brown and green seaweeds, each with its own identification key and introduction.
Equipment Highlight
The Compact 20W Heath Moth Trap is made from lightweight durable polypropylene and can be packed flat so that it fits into a daysack.
Flora Corner
This easy-to-use dictionary provides a wealth of information that opens up a new world of understanding for all plant lovers. The book has nearly 5,000 entries and includes approximately 400 beautiful full-colour photographs.
Fauna Corner
Nymphalidae Part 1 deals with Tribe Argynnini, genera Argynnis, Issoria, Brenthis, and Argyreus. The second edition is a full revision of the first edition with many additional pages, photos, new taxa and new taxonomic arrangements.

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