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NHBS Grapevine #53

NHBS Grapevine: The Best of our Books & Equipment #53
NHBS Grapevine - The Best of Our Books & Equipment
15th June 2017   

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In this edition: we highlight Woodland Development, due for publication next month, which provides one of the most comprehensive records of unmanaged European woodland development. Also featured are: the first UN world ocean assessment, a new guide from Geoffrey Kibby on the mushrooms and toadstools of Britain and Europe, and a beautiful ode to the Seabirds of the British Isles.

On the blog, Leon’s series on polarised discussion in science concludes with a final post on dealing with misinformation. 

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Leon's Bookshelf
Leon's selection of new arrivals at the warehouse & important new titles catalogued.
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Luanne's Kit Bag
In the kit bag this week we have a focus on bird watching equipment.

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Woodland Development: A Long Term Study of Lady Park Wood - Due July 2017
Lady Park Wood was set aside as an unmanaged reserve for ecological research in 1944, and the vegetation has been recorded in detail ever since. These 70 years of observations now represent one of the most significant records in Europe of how woodland develops under the influence of natural factors.  
Reference is made to woods elsewhere in Britain and Europe and the implications for nature conservation, re-wilding and remoteness, monitoring and long-term ecological research are also considered.
The Seabird's Cry: The Lives and Loves of Puffins, Gannets and Other Ocean Voyagers
The Seabird's Cry comprises ten chapters, each dedicated to a different species and each with a beautiful illustration by Kate Boxer. The prose travels the ocean paths along with these wonderful birds, looking at the way their bodies work, the sense of their own individuality and the strategies and tactics needed to survive and thrive in this demanding environment.

Another title from Adam Nicolson
Sea Room: An Island Life in the Hebrides
On the Blog - Surviving the Misinformation Age
Image by David Price
This post is the final of a four-part series on polarised discussions in science, and looks at dealing with misinformation. Here, we draw attention to a number of recent books that will help readers think more clearly, logically and rationally, and give them the tools to see through spin and hyperbole. 

Now In Stock - Geoffrey Kibby’s Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain & Europe
Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain & Europe, Volume 1 illustrates the non-agarics, including: puffballs, stinkhorns, earthstars, coral fungi, polypores, crust fungi, chanterelles, tooth fungi, boletes, Russula and Lactarius.
A total of 650 species are included, all illustrated with beautiful watercolour paintings. Drawings of the spores of are also provided along with other useful microscopic features and chemical spot-tests.
More books from Geoffrey Kibby :
New poll reveals city dwellers love nature but don’t get enough of it
A new poll of over 2,400 people living in major cities across the UK reveals that 89% feel that nature is important but that 80% don’t connect with it as much as they would like.

Biodiversity moves beyond counting species
Ecologists are increasingly looking at how richness of traits — rather than number of species — helps set the health of ecosystems.

Seed conservation in the remote South Atlantic
Tom Heller describes the important role of seed conservation in protecting vulnerable plants, while Kew Associate Phil Lambdon recounts the challenges involved in his visit to Gough Island.
Our catalogue editor's picks from the new books at NHBS

Important arrivals at the warehouse: Important titles catalogued:
In the kit bag this week we have a great range of bird watching equipment, including binoculars, scopes and lightweight hides. 
NHBS: Conference Calendar 2017
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New Books at NHBS
World Ocean Assessment I is the outcome of the first cycle of the United Nations' Regular Process for Global Reporting and Assessment of the State of the Marine Environment.
Mycorrhizal Planet examines the science of symbiotic fungi and explores the close relationship formed between these microscopic organisms and plant root systems. It offers practical techniques for generating and maintaining soil heath and provides a useful guide for gardeners, landscapers, foresters and farmers. 
Mammals of Africa:
Six Volume Set

Mammals of Africa contains detailed discussion of the morphology, distribution, biology and evolution (including reference to fossil and molecular data) of every currently recognised species of African land mammal. A reprint of this book is due in June 2017.

Invasive Species: Risk Assessment and Management presents a comprehensive review of risk-based techniques that help policy makers and regulators protect national interests from invasive pests and pathogens.
Equipment Highlight
Intova Duo Waterproof Camera
This fun and affordable camera is waterproof to a depth of 30 metres and has a built-in rechargeable battery.
Flora Corner
Succulents of Southern Africa is the most extensive photographic publication of general succulent plants of this region yet produced. Every species recorded is illustrated in full colour, with one or more photographs and the illustrations are always on the same spread as their relevant text. 
Fauna Corner
Rattlesnakes of Arizona, Volume 2: Conservation, Behavior, Venom, and Evolution is a collection of 13 highly focused chapters by 22 leading experts. It covers a wide range of topics, from phylogenetics and genomics to reproduction and social behavior. 

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