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Conservation Biology of the Spanish Imperial Eagle (Aquila adalberti) / Biología de la Conservación del Águila Imperial Ibérica (Aquila adalberti)

Luis Mariano Gonzalez and Antoni Margalida
604 pages, Col illus, figs, tabs
Hardback | Jan 2008 | #178278 | ISBN-13: 9788480147323
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Language: Bilingual in English and Spanish

A major study of this threatened raptor, containing chapters on biogeography, plumage, status and ecology, breeding, distribution and conservation. Copiously illustrated with colour photographs.

I. Biogeografia / Biogeography
1 Origen y formacion del aguila imperial iberica / Origin and formation of the Spanish imperial eagle

II. Estudio del plumaje / Plumage studies
2. El plumaje adulto y el de los pollos en nido del aguila imperial iberica / The adult and nestling plumage in the Spanish imperial eagle
3. Variacion de los plumajes pre-adultos en el aguila imperial iberica / Variation of the pre-adult plumages in the Spanish imperial eagle

III. Status, habitat, dispersion natal y uso del espacio / Status, habitat, natal dispersal and space use
4. Estatus y cambios de habitat en la poblacion del aguila imperial iberica en el periodo 1974-2004 / Status and habitat changes in the Spanish imperial eagle population during 1974-2004
5. Dispersion natal efectiva y edad de maduracion reproductora en el aguila imperial iberica / Effective natal dispersal and age of maturity in the Spanish imperial eagle
6. Uso del espacio y comportamiento territorial en el aguila imperial iberica / Spatial use and temporal behaviour of breeding Spanish imperial eagles

IV. Reproduccion / Breeding
7. Emparejamiento concordante positivo por el color del plumaje en el aguila imperial iberica / Positive assortative pairing by plumage colour in Spanish imperial eagle
8. Estudio de la biologia reproductora del aguila imperial iberica / A long-term scale study of the breeding biology of the Spanish imperial eagle
9. Comportamiento parental en el aguila imperial iberica: diferencias sexuales en un ave de presa moderadamente dimorfica / Parental behaviour of Spanish imperial eagle: sexual differences in a moderately dimorphic raptor 10. Cria cooperativa en el aguila imperial iberica: un caso de poliandria con comportamiento sexual invertido del macho / Cooperative breeding in the Spanish imperial eagle: a case of polyandry with male reversed sexual behaviour

V. Demografia / Demography
11. Descripcion demografica de la recuperacion del aguila imperial iberica / Demographic description of the recovery of the Spanish imperial eagle
12. Estructura de edades y su efecto en la fecundidad del aguila imperial iberica / Age structure and their effects on fecundity in the Spanish imperial eagle

VI. Conservacion / Conservation
13. Causas y variaciones espacio-temporales de la mortalidad no-natural del aguila imperial iberica durante 1989-2004 / Causes and spatio-temporal variations of non-natural mortality in the Spanish imperial eagle during 1989-2004 14. Efecto de las actividades humanas en el comportamiento reproductor del aguila imperial iberica / Effect on human activities on the behaviour of breeding Spanish imperial eagle
15. La alimentacion suplementaria como herramienta efectiva para mejorar el exito reproductivo del aguila imperial iberica / Supplementary feeding as an effective tool for improving breeding success in the Spanish imperial eagle 16. Influencia de la contaminacion por pesticidas organoclorados y bifenilos policlorados en la reproduccion del aguila imperial iberica / Influence of contamination of organochlorine pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls on the breeding of the Spanish imperial eagle

VII. Bibliografia / References

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