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Catalogo de las Plantas Vasculares del Cono Sur (3-Volume Set): Argentina, Sur de Brasil, Paraguay y Uruguay

Edited By: Fernando O Zuloaga, Osvaldo Morrone and Manuel J Belgrano
3348 pages, no illustrations
Hardback | Nov 2008 | #178362 | ISBN-13: 9781930723702
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Language: Spanish

The Catalogo de las Plantas Vasculares del Cono Sur presents a critical list of the species and taxa that grow in the subtropical and temperate to cold temperate areas of South America. The area referred to as Cono Sur roughly extends south of parallel 20 degrees S from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, comprising more than 4,700,000 km2 of the South American territory.

In three volumes, 17,697 accepted species are treated, organized alphabetically by family and genera, and documented with bibliographic citations, herbarium specimens, and information on their distribution, habit, native or introduced status, elevation, and cross reference synonymy. More than 42,000 synonyms are indicated, as well as other taxa excluded from the study area, and dubious citations and names. The Introduction (in both Spanish and English) presents a short description of the biogeographical regions in the area.

This work treats 759 species of Pteridophyta, 30 of Gymnospermae, 4351 of Monocotyledoneae, and 12,557 of Dicotyledoneae. The families best represented are the Asteraceae (2492 species), Poaceae (1528), Fabaceae (1324), Orchidaceae (1001), and Solanaceae (500).

Volume 1: Pteridophyta, Gymnospermae, Monocotyledoneae, 984p.
Volume 2: Dicotyledoneae: Acanthaceae - Fabaceae (Abarema - Schizolobium), 1302p.
Volume 3: Dicotyledoneae: Fabaceae (Senna - Zygia) - Zygophyllaceae, 1062p.

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