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Crustal Evolution and Geodynamic Processes in Central Europe Proceedings of the Joint conference of the Czech and German geological societies held in Plzeň (Pilsen) September 16-19, 2013

By: Jiri Zak(Editor), Gernold Zulauf(Editor), Heinz-Gerd Röhling(Editor)
201 pages, 2 photos, 70 illustrations
Crustal Evolution and Geodynamic Processes in Central Europe
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  • Crustal Evolution and Geodynamic Processes in Central Europe ISBN: 9783510492312 Paperback Jan 2013 Not in stock: Usually dispatched within 2-3 weeks
Price: £48.50
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About this book

Language: English

Abstracts of the papers and posters presented at the Joint conference of the Czech and German geological societies held in Plzeň (Pilsen), September 16 - 19, 2013.


Foreword 11


Relative contribution of tectonic inheritance and far field forces on
the building of Paleozoic European crust
Karel Schulmann, Jean-Bernard Edel, Francis Chopin,
Jean Marc Lardeaux, Michel Corsini 12

Variscan Basement in Europe – Travelling through Time and Space
Jürgen F. von Raumer 14

Phanerozoic paleogeography of Central Europe
Jan Golonka 16

Cool periods in a greenhouse world – possible mechanisms based on
physical and biogeochemical box models
Sascha Flögel 18

Oral Presentations and Posters

Late Campanian –Maastrichtian sequence stratigraphy from Kurdistan
Foreland Basin, N-Iraq
Fadhil. A. Ameen 21

Two stage collision: exploring the birth of Pangea in the Variscan
Ricardo Arenas, Rubén Díez Fernández, Sonia Sánchez Martínez, Axel
Gerdes, Javier Fernández-Suárez, Richard Albert Roper 22

Knowing the ancestry: Precambrian-Cambrian evolution of NE Africa with
special reference to the Arabian-Nubian Shield
Dov Avigad 23

Determination of subsurface structures and tectonic setting of western
desert of Iraq
Ezzadin N. Baban 24

Study of the gravity data of south of Talafar - Mosul area – NE Iraq
Ezzadin N. Baban 25

Elephant memory of mantle lithosphere fabrics: Insights from seismic
anisotropy into tectonics of the Bohemian Massif
Vladislav Babuška, Jaroslava Plomerová, Luděk Vecsey 26

The Teplice-Altenberg Volcanic Complex revisited: Preliminary results
from the Late Carboniferous Schönfeld Formation
Christoph Breitkreuz, Vladislav Rapprich, Manuel Lapp, Klaus Stanek,
Bedřich Mlčoch, Zuzana Skácelová, Volker Wilde 27

Genesis and tectonic history of the I-type granitic rocks from the
Western Carpathians
Igor Broska, Igor Petrík, Vladimír Bezák 28

Stratigraphy, palaeontology and facial development of the
epicontinen-tal Jurassic in Moravia
Miroslav Bubík 29

Multi-criteria approach for 3D-modelling of geological horizons in the
Lower Main Plain, Germany
Hannah Budde, Christian Hoselmann, Rouwen J. Lehné, Heiner Heggemann,
Andreas Hoppe 30

Phacopid trilobites across the Lochkovian/Pragian, Pragian/Emsian,
Zlíchovian/Dalejan, Emsian/ Eifelian and Eifelian/Givetian boundaries
in the Prague Basin (Barrandian area, Czech Republic)
Petr Budil 31

Rhyolites of the Central Basic Belt of the Brno Massif
David Buriánek, Pavel Hanžl, Vojtěch Erban, Vojtěch Janoušek, Kristýna
Hrdličková 32

The Turonian-Coniacian boundary in marginal-marine clastics of NE
Bohemia: high-resolution biostratigraphy tied to stratigraphic
Stanislav Čech, David Uličný 33

Application of 3D GIS in a research project planning – an example from
the Underground Research Center Josef, Czech Republic
David Čížek, Jan Franěk, Petr Novák 34

A new generation of online map applications and map services of the
Czech Geological Survey
Petr Čoupek, Martin Paleček 36

Distribution of Triassic rocks at the north-eastern margin of the
North German Basin – First insights of re-processed 2D reflection
profiles in the southern Baltic Sea
Andre Deutschmann, Martin Meschede, Karsten Obst 37

Two distinct types of hydrothermal vein mineralization in granitoid
rocks of the Central Bohemian Pluton at the Mokrsko-West locality
(Czech Republic)
Petr Dobeš, Vladimír Žáček, Ivana Jačková, Bohuslava Čejková, Zdeňka
Lněničková 38

Stratigraphic correlation of lower Upper Cretaceous deposits of the
southern Münsterland (NW Germany) using gamma ray logs
Bettina Dölling 39

Correlation of the Cambrian pre-Alpine basement of the External
Hellenides (Crete and Peloponnesus) with the peri-Gondwanan terranes
of Central- and Western-Europe
Wolfgang Dörr, Gernold Zulauf, Axel Gerdes 40

Petrological evidence of the Moldanubian suture and its significance
for Variscan Orogeny in the Bohemian Massif
Shah Wali Faryad, Radim Jedlicka 41

The Bavarian phase of the Variscan orogeny: Relations between
migmatites and granites and potential causes for crustal melting
Fritz Finger, Wolfgang Dörr, Axel Gerdes, Biljana Starijaš-Mayer 42

Dating fluid activity, diagenesis and weathering by U-Pb LA-ICP-SFMS
Axel Gerdes 43

Searching for the Gold of King Croesus
Hartwig Gielisch, Florian Lowicki 44

Significant geological localities of the Czech Republic
Pavla Gürtlerová 45

Variscan tectonics of allochthonous units of the Erzgebirge and the
Vogtland (Saxo-Thuringian Zone): An E-W profile from the gneiss dome
of Reitzenhain to the Berga antiform
Peter Hallas, Uwe Kroner 46

A direct stratigraphic comparison between the Chinese Loess Plateau
and the Middle Danube Basin Loess
Ulrich Hambach, Mladjen Jovanović, Slobodan Marković, Jan Hošek,
Tivadar Gaudenyi 47

The Mississippian of the Jerada Massif (NE Morocco) – more northwest
European than Palaeotethyan affinities
Hans-Georg Herbig, Markus Aretz 48

Tales of a core: Sea-level history, global crises and changing
depositional architecture – The Famennian- Viséan of «Velbert 4»,
westernmost Rhenish Massif, Germany
Hans-Georg Herbig, Daria Lobova, Varinnia Seekamp 49

First proof of archaeocyathid-bearing Lower Cambrian in the Franconian
Forest (Saxothuringian Zone, Northeast Bavaria)
Hans-Georg Herbig, Thomas Wotte, Stefanie Becker 50

The Upper Cretaceous section at Schmilka in Saxony
(Elbsandsteingebirge, Germany) – syntectonic sedimentation and
inverted zircon age populations revealed by LA-ICP- MS U/Pb data
Mandy Hofmann, Thomas Voigt, Ulf Linnemann 51

A palaeoenvironmental record of the Upper Pleistocene based on rock
magnetic and geochemical proxies; case studies from Bohemian and
Moravian loess/paleosol sequences
Jan Hošek, Ulrich Hambach, Tomáš Grygar, Lenka Lisá, Ilja Knés,
Daniela Valentová, Sascha Meszner 52

Magnetic fabric in amphibolized eclogites and serpentinites in the
Mariánské Lázně Complex (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic): product of
exhumation-related deformations
František Hrouda, Shah Wali Faryad, Marta Chlupáčová 53

Application of Panchromatic SEM-CL Imaging to study of Microdiamonds
in Uncoated Thin Sections
Petra Jakubová, Jana Kotková, Veronika Králová, Jaromír Leichmann 54

Vestige of the Famennian arc–back-arc association in the eastern part
of the Variscan Belt (Vrbno Group, Hrubý Jeseník Mts., Czech Republic)
Vojtěch Janoušek, Pavel Hanžl, Jaroslav Aichler, Axel Gerdes, Vojtěch
Erban, Vratislav Pecina, Vladimír Žáček, David Wilimský, Kristýna
Hrdličková, Petr Mixa, Eliška Žáčková 55

Geochemical analysis of floor sediments from two Latene houses at
Bibracte (Mont Bevray, France)
Markéta Jarošová, Martin Ivanov, David Buriánek 56

Preservation of prograde metamorphic path of felsic granulites from
Kutná Hora crystalline complex (Bohemian Massif) by zonation of major
and trace elements in garnet
Radim Jedlicka, Shah Wali Faryad, Christoph Hauzenberger 57

Volcaniclastic rocks of the Upper Silesian Basin (Czech Republic and
Poland): State of the art
Jakub Jirásek, Lada Hýlová, Martin Sivek 58

The Variscan Terrane Wreck and its implications for Pangea
Stephen T. Johnston 59

Sedimentary archives opened in the Holštejnská Cave, Moravian Karst
(Czech Republic)
Jaroslav Kadlec, Helena Hercman, Karel Žák, Stanislav Šlechta 60

Building a consistent model of the deeper underground of the German
North Sea sector for volumetric and dynamic modelling
Dirk Kaufmann, Sabine Heim, Marco Wolf, Anke Bebiolka, Fabian Jähne

Orientation Analysis Tools for GIS, example on Svratka anticline
Lenka Kociánová, Rostislav Melichar

How many granite events occurred during the Variscan orogeny in the
Western Carpathians?
Milan Kohút 63

Ammonites, biostratigraphy and bio-events of the Pecínov Member (Upper
Cenomanian, Bohemian Cretaceous Basin)
Martin Košťák, Jan Sklenář, Stanislav Čech, Jiří Frank, Boris Ekrt,
Andrea Cápová, Michal Kubajko, Martin Mazuch, Jiří Kvaček 64

Ultrahigh-pressure kyanite-bearing eclogite associated with the
diamond-bearing granulites, northern Bohemian Massif
Jana Kotková, Marian Janák 65

The two plate model of the Variscan orogeny - One plate boundary zone
with many subduction zones
Uwe Kroner, Rolf L. Romer 66

Relative plate motions during the formation of Pangea
Uwe Kroner, Marco Roscher 67

Chemostratigraphy of the Devonian-Carboniferous boundary sections in
the central, western and southern Europe
Tomáš Kumpan, Ondřej Bábek, Jiří Kalvoda, Jiří Frýda, Tomáš Matys Grygar

Heterogeneity of the Variscan lower continental crust and upper
mantle: whole-rock geochemistry and isotopic data from the Náměšť
Granulite Massif (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic)
Vladimír Kusbach, Vojtěch Janoušek, Pavlína Hasalová, C. Mark Fanning,
Karel Schulmann, Vojtěch Erban, Stanislav Ulrich 69

Functional morphology of trilobite larvae and palaeobiogeographic
distribution: An example from Bohemian Cambrian
Lukáš Laibl, Oldřich Fatka 70

Palaeogeography and comparative stratigraphy of the Ries impact event
Jan-Michael Lange, Peter Suhr 71

Compilation of a voxelbased geological 3D-model for the northern Upper
Rhine Graben, Germany
Rouwen Lehné, Christian Hoselmann, Andreas Hoppe, Heiner Heggemann 72

New evidence of Caledonian magmatism within the Brunovistulicum,
eastern margin of Bohemian massif
Jaromír Leichmann, Sven Hönig, Jiří Kalvoda 73

Alluvial architecture and paleosol signatures of seasonally humid
proximal braided system (Middle/Upper Pennsylvanian, Pilsen Basin)
Richard Lojka, Nicholas A. Rosenau 74

Continental Lower Permian basins in Germany: Correlation and development
Harald Lützner, Gotthard Kowalczyk, Jost Haneke 75

Experimental research on the chemical composition of bioapatite in bones
Radana Malíková, Martin Ivanov, Michaela Vašinová Galiová 76

U-Pb and Hf isotope data of Zircons from Neoproterozoic Volcanics in
Linda Marko, Axel Gerdes, Dov Avigad 77

Lacustrine record of early stage of Miocene Climatic Optimum in
Central Europe: Most Basin, Ohře (Eger) Graben, Czech Republic
Tomáš Matys Grygar, Karel Mach, Jiří Laurin, Petr Schnabl 78

The Waidhofen Amphibolite Body in the Moldanubian Zone of Lower
Austria: a relic of Proterozoic Avalonian crust
Andreas Mayer, Axel Gerdes, Vojtěch Janoušek, Biljana Starijaš Mayer,
Fritz Finger, Vojtěch Erban 79

Stratigraphic Table of Germany Compact 2012 (STDKe)
Manfred Menning & German Stratigraphic Commission 80

Cenomanian–Turonian sequence stratigraphy and facies development of
the Danubian Cretaceous Group (Bavaria, southern Germany)
Birgit Niebuhr, Nadine Richardt, Markus Wilmsen 81

Dactyloidites ottoi (Geinitz, 1849), an enigmatic and rare rosetted
trace fossil from the Cenomanian (Upper Cretaceous) of Saxony and
Birgit Niebuhr, Markus Wilmsen

Polyphase tectonometamorphic evolution of the Teplá Crystalline
Complex – new structural, petrological and geochronological data
Vít Peřestý, Robert M. Holder, Ondrej Lexa, Martin Racek, Bradley
R. Hacker 83

Exploration and resource modelling of a recently discovered VMS-type
copper deposit, Hanönü, northern Turkey
Stephan Peters, Florian Lowicki, Torsten Gorka, Philip Mittelstädt 84

Bivalves from the Middle Ordovician Šárka Formation (Prague Basin,
Czech Republic)
Marika Polechová 85

Fabrics and emplacement of Weinsberg-type granitoids (Moldanubian
Plutonic Complex)
Ondřej Pour, Kryštof Verner 86

From maar to a spatter cone – Permian Principálek Volcano in the
Nothern part of the Krkonoše Piedmont Basin (Lower Rotliegend, Czech
Vladislav Rapprich, Marcela Stárková, Jan Valenta, Zuzana Skácelová 87

Origin of granitoids of the Moldanubian batholith (Bohemian Massif)
Miloš René

Early Late Cretaceous correlations around the Mid-European Island:
sequence stratigraphic evidences from the Plänerkalk, Elbtal, and
Danubian Cretaceous groups (Cenomanian–Turonian of Germany)
Nadine Richardt, Markus Wilmsen, Birgit Niebuhr 89

Sequence stratigraphy of the lower Upper Cretaceous Elbtal Group
(Cenomanian–Turonian of Saxony, Germany)
Nadine Richardt, Markus Wilmsen 90

Geothermal potential of the Bückeberg Formation (Berriasium, “German
Wealden”) and the Valangin of the Lower Saxony Basin
Heinz-Gerd Röhling, Robert Schöner, Jörg Kuder, Thomas Wonik 91

Refined ages of magmatism and high-P metamorphism in the Eclogite
Facies Gneissic Formation of the Cabo Ortegal Complex
Richard Albert Roper, Ricardo Arenas, Axel Gerdes, Sonia Sánchez Martínez 93

Evaluating natural hydrocarbon on shore seeps with their related traps
using three-dimensional modeling: An example from the Kirkuk area in
the north of Iraq
Layth Sahib, Rouwen Lehne, Christoph Schüth 94

Detailed re-dating of the Vila de Cruces Ophiolite (allochthonous
complexes of NW Iberia): The opening of a back-arc basin in the
Gondwanan shelf
Sonia Sánchez Martínez, Ricardo Arenas, Richard Albert Roper, Axel
Gerdes, Alain Potrel 95

Varieties of Eisgarn granite in the Plöckenstein area (South Bohemian
Batholith) and their petrogenesis
David Schiller, Fritz Finger 96

Monazite electron microprobe (EMP) Th-U-Pb dating across the Variscan
sutures in the Armorican Massif (France)
Bernhard Schulz 97

Two metamorphic cycles recorded by garnet and monazite in micaschists
from the Saualpe Eclogite Zone (Eastern Alps)
Bernhard Schulz 98

Distribution of Triassic sediments in the Baltic Sea east of Ruegen
Island based on reprocessed Petrobaltic seismic data
Elisabeth Seidel, Martin Meschede, Karsten Obst 99

Late Paleozoic post-collisional magmatism and metal resource potential
of the Erzgebirge-Krušné hory (NW rim of the Bohemian massif)
Thomas Seifert 100

The thermal expansion and its role in the dynamics of the rock
massives (Examples from the Bohemian Massif)
Vladimír Škvor 102

Mid-Cretaceous palaeograinage of the Bohemian Massif: roles of
tectonic inheritance and eustasy in formation and filling palaeovalley
Lenka Špičáková, David Uličný, Radomír Grygar, Marcela Svobodová,
Stanislav Čech, Jiří Laurin 102

Digital Structural 3D model of Intracontinental Late Paleozoic Basin –
Krkonoše Piedmont Basin, Czech Republic
Marcela Stárková , Lucie Kondrová, Bedřich Mlčoch, Zuzana Skácelová 103

Variscan tectonics of the Schwarzburg unit (Saxo-Thuringian Zone):
From a transform plate boundary zone to an orogenic wedge
Tobias Stephan, Uwe Kroner 104

Palaeogeography of Prague Synform in Silurian times (Wenlock–Ludlow):
Insights from palaeomagnetism, basalt geochemistry and
Zuzana Tasáryová, Petr Schnabl, Vojtěch Janoušek, Petr Pruner, Petr
Štorch, Gunther Kletetschka, Kristýna Čížková, Stanislav Šlechta,
Štěpán Manda, Vojtěch Erban, Jiří Frýda 105

Geochemistry and petrogenesis of the normally zoned Sedmihoří Stock,
Bohemian Massif: a case for nested emplacement of separately evolved
granite magmas into shallow crust
Jakub Trubač, Vojtěch Janoušek, Jiří Žák, Axel Gerdes, Petr Gadaš 106

Interaction of hyperpycnal flows and marine currents on a
coarse-grained delta front – insights from the Cretaceous of
David Uličný, Jiří Laurin, Stanislav Čech 107

Variscan palaeosuture in the Tauern Window, Eastern Alps
Petra Veselá, Bernd Lammerer 108

Late Cretaceous Basin inversion at the northern border of the Bohemian
Thomas Voigt 109

Magmatism in and between the late Variscan Permo-Carboniferous
sedimentary basins in Germany
Volker von Seckendorff

Detailed study to identifiy CO2 storage rock units in a
representative region of the central German North Sea sector using
2D-seismic and well data
Axel Weitkamp, Fabian Jähne, Dirk Kaufmann, Marco Wolf

Integrated stratigraphy, biofacies and depositional environment of the
Upper Cenomanian Oberhäslich Formation (Saxonian Cretaceous Basin)
Markus Wilmsen, Nadine Richardt

Rates and periodicities of early Late Cretaceous sea-level changes:
evidence from sedimentary basins in Europe, northern Africa and the
Middle East
Markus Wilmsen, Nadine Richardt, Birgit Niebuhr

Upper Cenomanian–Lower Turonian ammonoids from the Saxonian Cretaceous
(lower Elbtal Group, Saxony, Germany)
Markus Wilmsen, Emad Nagm

From Data to Model: A workflow for 3D facies-modelling using the
example of the Buntsandstein in the central German North Sea
Marco Wolf, Dirk Kaufmann, Anke-Christina Bebiolka, Axel Weitkamp,
Fabian Jähne 115

The Tepla-Barrandian ‘Elevator’: A key element for reconstructing
orogenic processes in the Variscan internides
Gernold Zulauf, Wolfgang Dörr

3D-modelling of subsurface potentials in GeoMol: Project overview and
first approaches to be used in the pilot area of Lake Constance
Heiko Zumsprekel & the GeoMol Team

Field trips

From Cadomian accretion to Variscan collision: a crustal-scale
traverse across the northwestern Teplá–Barrandian unit
Jiří Žák, Gernold Zulauf, Wolfgang Dörr, Jaroslava Hajná, Kryštof Verner

Sedimentary and tectonic evolution of the Barrandian area
Petr Budil, Oldřich Fatka, Michal Mergl

Late Variscan continental basins in western Bohemia:
tectono-sedimentary, climatic and biotic archives
Stanislav Opluštil, Richard Lojka, Josef Pšenička

Customer Reviews

By: Jiri Zak(Editor), Gernold Zulauf(Editor), Heinz-Gerd Röhling(Editor)
201 pages, 2 photos, 70 illustrations
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